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Predictive Policing Alternatives

Image of the patrol screen with ResourceRouter functionality by SoundThinking.
Predictive Policing Alternatives
Predictive policing software uses data analytics and machine learning to forecast where and when crimes...
Improve Community Relations with Information Sharing
Accurate and transparent reporting of the use and efficacy of public safety technology by law enforcement...
Officer Down Memorial Page: SoundThinking Donates
Giving Tuesday is an annual event meant to encourage charity following the Thanksgiving holiday. This...
police community relations ebook
Improve Police Community Relations: Six Tough Questions
It’s a difficult time to work in law enforcement. Police staffing shortages and persistently high crime...
a group of people holding hands in the air
Community Policing Challenges and Opportunities: IACP Recap
Building and maintaining trust between police and the communities they serve is essential for addressing...
a group of men standing next to each other on a field
The 54th Mile Policing Project: An IACP recap
At the recent IACP conference, speaker Robin Engel from the National Policing Institute and panelists...
policeman standing against red background
Officer-Involved Shootings: Lessons in Response from IACP
Alongside 16,000 public safety professionals, we attended this year’s IACP (International Association...
a street with a basketball hoop and a building
Gun Violence and Student Trauma: Focusing on Prevention During National School Safety Week
ShotSpotter—SoundThinking’s acoustic gunshot detection service—identified the noise as gunfire and alerted...
a man in a yellow shirt and a blue hat
Enabling Community Violence Intervention
ResourceRouter Community is an advanced software tool that utilizes a data-driven approach to identify...
a close up of a bunch of metal gears
A Voice from the Community: "ShotSpotter Works"
So, we feel especially honored when members of the communities we serve recognize the impact and value...

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