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Seconds Matter when Shots are Fired
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Department of Homeland Security research reveals that the average duration of an active shooter incident at a school is 12.5 minutes. In contrast, the average response time for law enforcement is 18 minutes*. Response times must be improved. *Source: Department of Homeland Security
  • Real-time active shooter alerts are critical so that first responders can arrive almost instantaneously to the specific location with as much situational awareness as possible.
  • Recent tragedies have shown that shooters will not stop until they are confronted by law enforcement.
  • Dispatching from the real-time alerts, instead of waiting for 9-1-1 calls, gets first responders on the scene more quickly and can save more lives in an active shooting.

Locate gunfire within 60 seconds

  • ShotSpotter for Campus solution is like a fire alarm for active shooter events: it provides immediate notification with a specific location and can offer a life-saving time advantage.
  • ShotSpotter is the leading gunshot location technology capable of detecting outdoor threats in and around your campus so you can protect your students, staff and faculty where they live, work, and play.
Securing Your Campus
Be prepared with timely information that leads to a faster response.
Our round-the-clock gunshot monitoring gives you the peace of mind that you are ready to respond quickly.
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Gun is fired
When a gun is fired, the sound of a muzzle blast radiates outward.
Gunshot is Detected and Located
Acoustic sensors are triggered by the impulsive sound. The sound is classified as a gunshot using artificial intelligence and triangulation determines the precise location.
Gunshot is Reviewed
The data is relayed to the ShotSpotter Incident Review Center where analysts quickly audit the data and publish confirmed gunshots to police.
Police Respond
Alerts are sent to campus and/or local police dispatch centers for immediate response. Gunshot data integrates with security technologies such as cameras to enchance the response and investigation. The entire process takes less than 60 seconds.
Integration Services

Coordinate multiple technology platforms to ensure real-time intelligence. Gunshot location and time data can be integrated with nearly all security technologies to automatically enhance the response and investigative follow up to a gunshot incident.

  • Point and zoom cameras towards gunfire incident
  • Connect to access control or PSIM systems
  • Integrate with mass communication platforms
Protecting Campuses Every Day


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*Total includes nearly 20 ShotSpotter for Campus customers


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Schools with enrollment >10K


Are public universities
Results – ShotSpotter for Campus Makes a Difference
Discover how ShotSpotter for Campus has already made
a significant impact at several universities
Hear from Security Officials and Students
“Gunshots get verified by ShotSpotter and come into our 911 center as verified gunfire with exact location”
Chief David Mitchell
University of Maryland
I feel much safer just having the technology there.
Savannah College of Art and Design
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