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Law Enforcement

Introducing the SafetySmart™ Platform

The SafetySmart Platform brings together four specialized software solutions and objective data to help law enforcement and civic leadership better protect their communities by ensuring the right resources are provided when and where they’re needed most.

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The Challenges in Law Enforcement Today

Across the country, law enforcement agencies are being pushed to their limit in the face of high crime levels and staffing shortages. To effectively improve public safety in this challenging climate, agencies need to be evidence-based and proactive, all while putting the community’s needs front and center.

Respond to Gun Violence with ShotSpotter

Formerly known as ShotSpotter Respond

ShotSpotter is a proven acoustic gunshot detection system that alerts law enforcement to virtually all gunfire within a city’s ShotSpotter coverage area within 60 seconds, enabling police to provide a consistent, rapid, and precise response.

Generate Immediate Investigative Leads with CrimeTracer

Formerly known as COPLINK X

CrimeTracer is the #1 law enforcement search engine that enables investigators to search through more than 1.3B structured and unstructured data across jurisdictions to obtain immediate tactical leads, leverage advanced link analysis to make intelligent connections, link NIBIN leads to reports, suspects, and other entities, and more.

Manage Every Component of an Investigation with CaseBuilder

Formerly known as ShotSpotter Investigate

CaseBuilder is a smarter investigation management platform that enables investigative teams to efficiently organize and store case information, track and prioritize assignments, optimize resources, submit materials to prosecution, and more.

Track and Prioritize NIBIN Leads with CaseBuilder Crime Gun

Formerly known as ShotSpotter GCM

CaseBuilder Crime Gun is the first-of-its-kind gun crime tracking and analysis case management tool that enables agencies to better capture, track, prioritize, analyze, and collaborate on incidents that involve firearms.

Formerly known as ShotSpotter Connect

Maximize Limited Resources with ResourceRouter

ResourceRouter is a resource management tool that automates the planning of directed patrols and provides transparency around engagement activities across an entire jurisdiction, daily.

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