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The Impact of Community Violence

According to the Gun Violence Archive, there were roughly 21,000 deaths homicides and 41,000 injuries due to guns in America in 2021. Furthermore, a 2019 report from the House Joint Economic Committee estimated that gun violence costs the US $229 billion a year in lost income and in police and health care expenses. At a time of rising crime and law enforcement staffing shortages, investing in force multiplying technologies is critical to make policing better and keep communities safer.

Addressing the Gun Violence Epidemic

Research from the Brookings Institution states that over 80% of gunfire incidents go unreported to 9-1-1, and the repercussions of underreporting are serious. It can mean that gunshot wound victims may not receive lifesaving help, that gun crime cases go unsolved, and that law enforcement’s inability to respond to crimes leads to normalized violence and community distrust. ShotSpotter is our acoustic gunshot detection system that alerts police to virtually all gunfire within a city’s ShotSpotter coverage area within 60 seconds. Mayors across more than 140 cities are leveraging ShotSpotter technology to tackle the complex problem of gun violence.

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Partner with SoundThinking to Address Public Safety

Over the years, the law enforcement landscape has evolved, and we have evolved with it. Our SafetySmart platform encompasses our comprehensive suite of data-driven technology products that center around our mission to intelligently address – and improve – public safety.

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SafetySmart Platform

  • ShotSpotter®
  • CrimeTracer™
  • CaseBuilder™
  • CaseBuilder™ Crime Gun
  • ResourceRouter™

There’s no “one-size-fits-all” approach to public safety. That’s why we bring our extensive experience to the table with everything we do, and we believe in meeting elected leaders where they are.

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How SoundThinking’s Data for Good Program Supports Public Health

Upholding community safety is a top priority for city leaders across the country. Through SoundThinking’s Data for Good program, we partner closely with mayors and critical institutions in communities across the country to provide data on where and when shootings occur, so they can focus on areas and individuals most in need.

I know that 80% of my [city’s] ShotSpotter alerts don’t have a corresponding 911 [call]. So for me, it’s in reality a lot less about police response than it is basic lifesaving support…Sometimes no one has been shot, but we know someone will be if we don’t get there in a quicker and quicker fashion.

Mayor Brandon M. Scott, City of Baltimore
AAMA Panel, April 2022


The SafetySmart™ Platform is a suite of five data-driven tools that enable law enforcement and civic stakeholders to be more efficient, effective, and equitable in driving positive public safety outcomes. SoundThinking’s new SafetySmart Platform goes well beyond ShotSpotter®, the leading acoustic gunshot detection service. It includes the leading law enforcement search engine CrimeTracer™, the comprehensive investigation management system CaseBuilder™, the first of-its-kind gun crime tracking and patrol management and case management tool CaseBuilder Crime Gun™, and the resource and patrol management software ResourceRouter™.

Absolutely. The majority of Americans want to feel safe in their communities and are eager to deploy every tool possible towards addressing the crisis of gun violence and saving lives. For example, in a national study assessing public opinion on acoustic gunshot technology, two-thirds of all Americans backed its use by law enforcement. In major cities, support for acoustic gunshot detection has even been shown to be as high as 90%. Learn more about these surveys and their findings here.

Yes, it can. With SoundThinking’s SafetySmart Platform, communities can not only identify areas experiencing the highest levels of violence and direct life-saving interventions, they can also use that objective data to facilitate violence prevention, health services and economic assistance at the right place and time – all helping to rebuild community trust.

SoundThinking’s suite of products protect a wide range of city types and sizes ranging from urban metropolitan cities such as Chicago and New York City; to medium-sized cities such as Mobile, Tampa, and Oakland; and small cities with populations less than 80,000 such as Forrest City, AR and Perris, CA.

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