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The Benefits of Real-Time Crime Index Information

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The Benefits of Real-Time Crime Index Information
In recent years, the United States has experienced dramatic increases in gun violence. Currently, the...
Improve Community Relations with Information Sharing
Accurate and transparent reporting of the use and efficacy of public safety technology by law enforcement...
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Community Policing Challenges and Opportunities: IACP Recap
Building and maintaining trust between police and the communities they serve is essential for addressing...
Crisis Communication Plan for Police Chiefs: IACP Recap
Agencies must have a communication plan before a crisis occurs. Chief David Nisleit of the San Diego...
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The 54th Mile Policing Project: An IACP recap
At the recent IACP conference, speaker Robin Engel from the National Policing Institute and panelists...
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ShotSpotter Technology Improvements
This is exemplified in the constant improvements and feature updates for our ShotSpotter technology,...
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Aiding Violence Prevention Efforts in Mobile, AL
That need pertains to the sharing of precision data about where and when gun violence occurs, so non-law...
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Building Community Connections in Springfield, IL
In collaboration with local police, non-law enforcement organizations such as offices of violence prevention,...
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Introducing Data for Good: A Community-Based Program
Data for Good is a community-based program that shares precision data about where and when gun violence...

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