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a statue of lady justice holding a scale of justice
SoundThinking's Response to the MacArthur Justice Center Report
On May 3, 2021, the MacArthur Justice Center (MJC) published a report, “ShotSpotter Generated Over 40,000...
an aerial view of a city at night
SoundThinking's Commentary on Chicago OIG Report
In August 2021, the Chicago Office of Inspector General (OIG) published a report, “The Chicago Police...
a woman holding a microphone in front of a group of people
ShotSpotter Questions, Myths and Facts
80-85% of gunfire goes unreported to 9-1-1 Source: Brookings Institute <1 Minute Time for ShotSpotter...
CaseBuilder Screenshot
Best Public Safety Software Company
Each agency is different and unique in the communities they serve, yet each agency wants the best public...
Image of the patrol screen with ResourceRouter functionality by SoundThinking.
Predictive Policing Alternatives
Predictive policing software uses data analytics and machine learning to forecast where and when crimes...
a police line with police tape on it
Police Records Management Systems Vs. Case Management: What’s the Difference?
If you’re only using an RMS for your police operations, you’re losing key functionality when it comes...
Image of a map with an overlay of spots where ShotSpotter detected gunfire.
Optimal Gunshot Tracking for Understaffed Law Enforcement
Many law enforcement agencies are operating with a staffing deficit. Using technology, like gunshot tracking,...
a group of people standing around a computer screen
The Importance of Investigative Analysis
Perhaps the most critical element in the investigator’s toolbox is investigative analysis—the practice...
Concealed Weapons Detection for Hospitals: Webinar Recap
Public safety trends from 2023 show an increase in shootings overall, including mass shootings, and hospitals...
A professional group at a table with country flags behind them.
Mastering Strategies to Combat Gun Crime: Highlights
Collaborating across jurisdictions and with multiple agencies is more important than ever in law enforcement....
a person placing a number on a piece of paper
Leveraging NIBIN Leads: 4 Technologies That Can Assist
Speed and efficiency are more critical than ever when solving gun crime investigations, and one of the...
a computer screen with a bunch of different items on it
Data Sharing is the Future of Law Enforcement
A magical source for all investigatory answers does not exist in law enforcement. In today’s world, where...
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