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Officer Down Memorial Page: SoundThinking Donates
Giving Tuesday is an annual event meant to encourage charity following the Thanksgiving holiday. This...
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Xtract One Alternatives: Options for Weapons Detection
Security professionals responsible for safeguarding casinos, hospitals, corporate facilities, and schools...
Improve Response Times and Evidence Collection with ShotSpotter
Today, SoundThinking announced the launch of Response Time Reporting and Ground Truth, two new ShotSpotter...
police community relations ebook
Improve Police Community Relations: Six Tough Questions
It’s a difficult time to work in law enforcement. Police staffing shortages and persistently high crime...
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Community Policing Challenges and Opportunities: IACP Recap
Building and maintaining trust between police and the communities they serve is essential for addressing...
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Medicaid Fraud Software Can Expedite Investigations
Medicaid fraud is a massive problem in the United States. One estimate is that Medicare and Medicaid...
How Science Can Improve Police Effectiveness: IACP Recap
The IACP session “From Evidence to Action: How Science Can Improve Police Effectiveness”...
Crisis Communication Plan for Police Chiefs: IACP Recap
Agencies must have a communication plan before a crisis occurs. Chief David Nisleit of the San Diego...
Fight Gun Crime with Technology and Partnerships: IACP Recap
The annual IACP Conference is one of my favorite events: for staying in touch with old friends, making...
A Public Health Approach to Policing: IACP Recap
Increasingly, we hear calls for a public health approach to policing, but what does it mean in practice?...
Social Media for Law Enforcement: IACP Recap
At the recent IACP conference, Shannon Lyons from The Harbour Group, LLC, Jeffrey Stewart from the Garfield...
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The 54th Mile Policing Project: An IACP recap
At the recent IACP conference, speaker Robin Engel from the National Policing Institute and panelists...
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