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New Features in SafePointe Weapons Detection
SafePointe provides weapons detection for high throughput facilities in a low-profile form factor. As...
View of New York City Hall and Manhattan Municipal Building in lower Manhattan, New York City, USA
SoundThinking Official Response to NYC Audit Report
Audit Report on ShotSpotter issued June 20, 2024 The report is misinformed and makes broad, factually...
CaseBuilder Driver Operational Insights Graphic
How Do You Improve Your Investigative Workflow?
Efficiency is the watchword for law enforcement these days. Staffing numbers are down, and while crime...
a view of a large city with tall buildings
SoundThinking Dispatches NYC Comptroller Report's Misleading Assertions on ShotSpotter
By William Bratton, Marc Morial, and Ralph Clark* Shootings spiked in the Big Apple by a whopping 50%...
an aerial view of a city with tall buildings
A Survivor's Plea: Preventing Nights Out from Turning into Nightmares in Oakland
By: Cameron McFadden As a survivor of gun violence in Oakland, I bear the physical and emotional scars...
a police car with its lights on at night
Misinformation in the NYC Comptroller's Report
We are reviewing the Comptroller’s report, but, at a high level, we believe it is gravely misinformed...
Two people entering through SafePointe weapons detection bollards.
Hospitality and Casino Security
Safety and security are priorities and fundamental necessities in the hospitality and casino industries....
grant funding dark image
Funding Strategies for Public Safety Projects
The first and most crucial step in seeking grant funding is to have a clear and detailed plan for the...
Image of the patrol screen with ResourceRouter functionality by SoundThinking.
Leveraging AI for Smarter Policing
Modern police patrol in the United States is crucial to maintaining public order, deterring crime, allowing...
a man in a police uniform standing in the street
Police Patrol Strategies: 4 Tips for Improving Outcomes
Tight budgets, recruitment challenges and community accountability have made patrol management increasingly...
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