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an aerial view of a city with lots of buildings
ShotCast Improves Media Coverage of Gun Violence
Here at SoundThinking, we understand the importance of transparency and informing the public of gunfire...
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Tragedy in Jacksonville and the Value of Rapid and Precise Response
Gun violence shatters lives, destroys families, and traumatizes entire communities. No doubt all of us...
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Best Law Enforcement Data Management System
Law enforcement agencies navigating staffing shortages often turn to law enforcement data management...
a group of people sitting at computers in a room
Best Gunshot Detection System
Law enforcement agencies often consider a gunshot detection system because of the following realities: Over...
a close up of a bunch of guns on a table
Illegal Machine Guns: Tracking the Growing Threat
When I retired from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), I received many great...
a man in a yellow shirt and a blue hat
Enabling Community Violence Intervention
ResourceRouter Community is an advanced software tool that utilizes a data-driven approach to identify...
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The Houston Chronicle is Wrong About ShotSpotter
What is the life of one resident worth to the Houston Chronicle? How about 35 lives? That is how many...
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New CrimeTracer Updates: Better Information Sharing and Investigative Workflow
CrimeTracer’s new Crime Bulletin feature allows agencies to upload and disseminate BOLO alerts on a nationwide...
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A Voice from the Community: "ShotSpotter Works"
So, we feel especially honored when members of the communities we serve recognize the impact and value...
a woman in a white top is smiling
Public Safety Technology in South Africa
Over the course of their forty-minute conversation, Clark discussed SoundThinking’s ShotSpotter...
a street with a basketball hoop and a building
Building a Gun Violence Prevention Strategy
ShotSpotter—SoundThinking’s acoustic gunshot detection service—identified the noise as gunfire and alerted...
a map of a city with lots of dots
An Overview of CrimeTracer's Crime Map
Here at SoundThinking, we recognize the critical importance of police transparency, particularly the...
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