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An Overview of CrimeTracer’s Crime Map

a map of a city with lots of dots
An Overview of CrimeTracer's Crime Map
Here at SoundThinking, we recognize the critical importance of police transparency, particularly the...
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ShotSpotter® is Now SoundThinking™
I have some very exciting news to share: as of April 10, 2023, ShotSpotter, the company, will be known...
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Aiding Violence Prevention Efforts in Mobile, AL
That need pertains to the sharing of precision data about where and when gun violence occurs, so non-law...
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Building Community Connections in Springfield, IL
In collaboration with local police, non-law enforcement organizations such as offices of violence prevention,...
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CompStat Policing: An Overview
What is CompStat? At its time, CompStat policing was a notable shift from a more reactive type of policing...
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Using Data to Build Safer Communities
SoundThinking’s Director of Community Engagement Dr. Gerard Tate was joined by Reverend Damita Davis-Howard...
a police car driving down a street next to a tall building
Directed Patrol vs. Hotspot Analysis
This is largely due to the increase in using data to identify problems and direct preventative efforts....
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Majority of Americans Support Acoustic Gunshot Detection
Twelve major U.S. cities set homicide records in 2021. As yet another summer surge storms into fall,...
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Problem-Oriented Policing: The Future of Patrol
And high-visibility police patrols are a proven crime deterrent. But tight budgets and staffing challenges...
a police officer sitting in a car talking on a cell phone
We Need to Talk About Police Officer Mental Health
While their employment makes them an obvious representative of government authority, enforcement, and...

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