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Ella French Scholarship

Ella French Scholarship: Scholarship Fund for Children of the Chicago Police Department

Established in 2023, the Ella French Scholarship is the first-of-its-kind scholarship fund for children of the Chicago Police Department (CPD) and those involved in police youth programs. This scholarship fund was set up in the name of Ella French, a CPD officer who fell in the line of duty in 2021. On April 30, 2024, SoundThinking made a contribution of $10,000 to the Ella French Scholarship Fund established by the Chicago Police Foundation (CPF). This generous donation will continue the CPF’s mission to bridge CPD’s financial shortfalls by providing support, equipment, and services to the dedicated men and women who bravely serve their communities.

True Blue Gala: Strengthening Chicago’s Safety Net Through CPD Support

The True Blue Gala is the Chicago Police Foundation’s signature annual gala. It is attended by business and community leaders along with local philanthropists who spend an evening with the brave men and women of the Chicago Police Department (CPD). Every year True Blue is attended by over 300 supporters and raises more than $500,000, providing critical funding for the CPD in technology, training, safety equipment, and community outreach.

Physician’s Medical Forum Benefit: Nurturing Diversity in Medicine

The Physician’s Medical Forum (PMF) Benefit Fundraiser supports the organization’s “Doctors On Board Pipeline Program.” This innovative program offers an immersive experience for underrepresented minority students aspiring to be physicians, providing a comprehensive glimpse into the medical profession. Participants gain invaluable insights through networking, workshops on medical school admissions and financial aid, hands-on clinics, and mentorship opportunities, culminating in a Certificate of Completion.

Global SHIELD Network Conference: Fostering Global Partnerships for Safer Communities

The Global SHIELD Network Conference, hosted by the Detroit Police Department and Oakland County Sheriff’s Office, focuses on enhancing global public-private partnerships for safer communities. Accommodating up to 250 attendees, this event brings together a diverse network of law enforcement, emergency services, security professionals, and community members, emphasizing the importance of collaboration in preventing and mitigating major security threats.

Rainbow/PUSH Coalition Convention: Advocating for Equality and Civil Rights Advancement

The Rainbow/PUSH Coalition’s annual convention, a seminal event for civil rights advocacy and social change, gathers activists, leaders, and influencers from various sectors to honor its legacy and forge new paths for progress. With its rich history of promoting civil rights and voter registration, spearheaded by Rev. Jesse Jackson, the convention continues to inspire and mobilize communities for societal advancement and equality.

Image Caption: The Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr. left, and the new leader of the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition Coalition, the Rev. Frederick Douglass Haynes, right, during the Rainbow/PUSH annual convention on July 16, 2023, in Chicago. (Eileen T. Meslar/Chicago Tribune)

Gun Violence Prevention Expo: Unifying Communities to Reduce Gun Violence in Chicago

The Gun Violence Prevention Expo, organized by Strides for Peace, is an annual event in Chicago that brings together community organizations, service providers, and sponsors to collectively address and reduce gun violence. This vital gathering focuses on enhancing resource awareness, collaboration, and capacity building among various groups committed to creating safer communities through innovative and unified efforts.

SoundThinking’s 2022 ESG Report: Driving Positive Change in Public Safety and Justice

SoundThinking, Inc.’s (formerly ShotSpotter, Inc.) second annual Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) report was released on August 15, 2023. The report highlights SoundThinking’s efforts to address societal challenges related to public safety and justice. It also showcases the company’s mission to facilitate law.

#SupportODMP: SoundThinking’s Commitment to Honor and Support Law Enforcement Officers and the Communities They Serve

ODMP plays a crucial role in supporting the families of officers and police departments. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, it provides emotional support, assists with benefits, raises awareness about the risks officers face, and honors their sacrifices. Through various events, remembrances, and research initiatives,ODMP keeps the memory of fallen officers alive while contributing to the safety of those still serving.

In 2023, SoundThinking marked the global day of giving by announcing a heartfelt donation of over $10,000 to the Officer Down Memorial Page (ODMP). The donation stemmed from SoundThinking’s social media campaign to raise awareness of ODMP at the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) 2023 conference. Attendees were asked to stop by the company’s booth, take a selfie, and post it on social media with the hashtag #SupportODMP. For every post, the company donated $20 to OMDP, culminating in a maximum possible donation of over $10,000.

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