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Stopping the Cycle of Youth Gun Violence: Event Recap

a man in a red shirt is painting a wall
Stopping the Cycle of Youth Gun Violence: Event Recap
During the illuminating hour-long conversation, we covered a lot of ground, particularly around the critically...
a group of people standing next to each other
Sharing Community Policing Success Stories
This negative rhetoric has grown so loud it can be difficult for police to share success stories, as...
a man sitting in a car talking on a cell phone
The Importance of Police Transparency
It can be helpful to think of the police-community relationship as a social contract in which community...
a group of men standing next to each other on a field
Observing "Bloody Sunday" as a Social Awareness Holiday
I am proud to work for a company that is steadfast in its commitment to improving the world. Whether...
a group of people holding hands in the air
What are the Core Principles of Procedural Justice?
Ultimately, serving the community and treating citizens in a just manner is the standard that all police...
a statue of lady justice holding a scale of justice
The ACLU Was Wrong About ShotSpotter® Technology
At SoundThinking™, we appreciate and respect the ACLU’s mission to defend and preserve individual rights...
a group of people standing outside of a building
3 Violence Prevention Strategies For Your Community
All too often, the desire for safer and healthier communities is palpable, yet challenges arise due to...
a computer circuit with a lock on it
Community and Privacy: The Role of Technology
Many of our individual activities leave behind a digital trail. Cell phone activities. Credit cards. Social...
a person sitting on the floor with their legs crossed
Why We Need Gun Violence Trauma Intervention
Recent research from Penn Medicine and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia highlighted a troubling truth:...
a police officer wearing a face mask talking to a man
Improving the Relationship Between Police and Community
The relationship between police and community centers around a complex and deeply rooted social contract...

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