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Reduce Traumatic Injuries in your Community

Gunshot detection leads to fewer homicides and faster transport times for GSWs

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Impact of Gunshot Detection on Patient Outcomes

Gun Violence is an Epidemic


Gun homicides in US annually


Shooting victims treated in emergency rooms in the last decade

$2.7 billion

Cost of Gun Violence to Healthcare

SoundThinking’s SafetySmart Platform Benefits Hospitals and Communities
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Reduce Traumatic Injuries
Time is tissue. Gunfire alerts save critical minutes and lead to reductions in shootings
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Enhance Bottom Line
Reductions in gun violence can lower hospital costs
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Support Staff Well-Being
Investing in safety can improve team well-being and support staff retention.
Collaborating to Improve Communities

SoundThinking enables an integrated approach to facilitate timely communication between the police, EMS and trauma teams supporting the regional trauma system.

Impacting key areas related to:

  • Violence Prevention
  • Community Outreach
  • Community Intervention

Each of the areas above are part of the mission of AAST and research from leading trauma surgeons, as well as 501(c)(3) community benefit requirements.

Supported By Trauma Surgeons and Hospitals

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