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Budget Cuts and High Crime Rates are Leaving
Police Departments Understaffed and Overburdened


increase in homicides in the U.S. (2019-2021)


robbery clearance rate in the U.S. (in 2020)


of agencies with staffing shortage in the U.S. (in 2020)

Source: National Police Foundation

With law enforcement agencies across the U.S. grappling with budget cuts, reduced staffing and nationwide scrutiny, there’s perhaps never been a more challenging time to work in policing. On top of all of this, many departments are also facing the ramifications of siloed data and aging technology. At a time when expediency and efficiency are more important than ever before, many agencies lack the software they need to keep up with the pace of change.


CrimeTracer Empowers Officers with
Better Information, Better Decisions,Better Outcomes

CrimeTracer (formerly COPLINK X) is a powerful law enforcement search engine and information platform that enables law enforcement to search data from agencies across the U.S. using natural language speech terms and concepts. With CrimeTracer, officers have instant access to information they need, enabling them to strike the right balance between crime reduction, community engagement, and personal safety.

The Most Powerful Network
of Law Enforcement Information in the Nation

Create case momentum with immediate tactical leads from a law enforcement search engine that supports more than 30 data sources.

Access over 1.3 billion records from RMS, CAD, LPRs, ShotSpotter, JMS, Court, Warrant Records, and more – from your agency and nearby jurisdictions.

Accelerate investigations with advanced analytics and visualizations to identify offenders in near real-time, keeping your community safe.

Enhance situational awareness even during routine traffic stops to help ensure the best and safest outcome.

Connect to CrimeTracer from any centrally managed device and across all compliant networks.

Control data access and data sharing with the fully CJIS-compliant platform.

How CrimeTracer Works
Results from Oakland, CA
Year 2012 – 2019

“With [CrimeTracer], our patrol officers weren’t just responding and reporting, they were actually solving, and the arrests of those violent offenders began really putting a huge dent in our violent crime rates.”

Deputy Chief (ret), Eric Breshears


*Forensic Logic was acquired by ShotSpotter in early 2022.


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CrimeTracer FAQs

You can access a wide range of data, including: court data, evidence and lab data, NIBIN shell casing reports, mugshots, probation and parole information, stop data, tip lines, warrants, daily bulletins, CrimeDex alerts, BOLOs and vehicular data.
Your agency owns the data you share with CrimeTracer, and you control which data is shared with the broader community of vetted law enforcement personnel. Your agency’s data is never changed or altered, just restructured and augmented to facilitate enhanced user interaction with the data.
All documents are stored online across multiple data formats (text, database, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, images, video). You can integrate dozens of data types, including CAD, RMS, stop data, bookings, court records, and person and vehicle data.
You can search on specific keywords of interest or even general attributes of a crime. Search results include a one-click link charting, timeline, hotspot, and geospatial analysis.

SoundThinking offers:

  • ShotSpotter®, an innovative gunshot detection technology that enables law enforcement to proactively address gun violence and arrive at a scene within minutes, saving lives and building community trust in the process.
  • CaseBuilder, a smarter investigation management platform that enables investigative teams to efficiently organize and store case information, track and prioritize assignments, optimize resources, submit materials to prosecution, and more.
  • CaseBuilder™ Crime Gun, the first-of-its-kind gun crime tracking and analysis case management tool that enables agencies to better capture, track, prioritize, analyze, and collaborate on incidents that involve firearms.
  • ResourceRouter™, a resource management tool that automates the planning of directed patrols and provides transparency around engagement activities.
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