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The Lies Being Spun by Campaign Zero

a police officer talking to a young boy
The Lies Being Spun by Campaign Zero
In April 2022, Campaign Zero launched their #CancelShotSpotter campaign, raising a series of allegations...
a statue of lady justice holding a scale of justice
Why the MacArthur Justice Center Report is Wrong
On May 3, 2021, the MacArthur Justice Center (MJC) published a report, “ShotSpotter Generated Over 40,000...
an aerial view of a city at night
Why the Chicago OIG Report is Misunderstood
In August 2021, the Chicago Office of Inspector General (OIG) published a report, “The Chicago Police...
a woman holding a microphone in front of a group of people
ShotSpotter Questions, Myths and Facts
80-85% of gunfire goes unreported to 9-1-1 Source: Brookings Institute <1 Minute Time for ShotSpotter...
a city with a lot of tall buildings
The Houston Chronicle is Wrong About ShotSpotter
What is the life of one resident worth to the Houston Chronicle? How about 35 lives? That is how many...
a statue of lady justice holding a balance scale
VICE Media and SoundThinking™ Resolve ShotSpotter® Dispute
An Editor’s Note has now been included in the VICE article that states: “Following the publication of...

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