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SoundThinking’s Response to the MacArthur Justice Center Report

a statue of lady justice holding a scale of justice
SoundThinking's Response to the MacArthur Justice Center Report
On May 3, 2021, the MacArthur Justice Center (MJC) published a report, “ShotSpotter Generated Over 40,000...
an aerial view of a city at night
SoundThinking's Commentary on Chicago OIG Report
In August 2021, the Chicago Office of Inspector General (OIG) published a report, “The Chicago Police...
a woman holding a microphone in front of a group of people
ShotSpotter Questions, Myths and Facts
80-85% of gunfire goes unreported to 9-1-1 Source: Brookings Institute <1 Minute Time for ShotSpotter...
Image of a map with an overlay of spots where ShotSpotter detected gunfire.
Optimal Gunshot Tracking for Understaffed Law Enforcement
Many law enforcement agencies are operating with a staffing deficit. Using technology, like gunshot tracking,...
Is There More to ShotSpotter Than Meets the Ear?
In most instances when a city uses ShotSpotter, gunshots are detected, and officers quickly arrive and...
a group of people holding hands in the air
Public Safety Technology: The Way of the Future
In the ever-evolving landscape of public safety and public safety technology, the integration of innovative...
a group of three brass bullet heads on a brown surface
Disrupting the Shooting Cycle
ShotSpotter technology has emerged as a potentially transformative tool in disrupting the shooting cycle...
a bunch of fireworks that are in the sky
SoundThinking's Commitment to New Year's Eve Safety
While many people across America celebrated New Year’s Eve, SoundThinking was hard at work, focusing...
Addressing Gun Violence with SoundThinking in Latin America
SoundThinking is committed to helping address gun violence in Latin America. Today, SoundThinking announced...
ALPR System: ShotSpotter API Supports Integration
In the event of a gunfire incident, officers and investigators need to respond to the scene quickly to...

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