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How to Build a Successful CGIC

How to Build a Successful CGIC
A major obstacle investigators face is a lack of timely and actionable intelligence. There’s a saying,...
The Art and Science of a Gun Crime Investigation
There’s no substitute for the fresh opportunity to collect evidence, interview witnesses, and provide...
Gun Violence Prevention Best Practices: Part One
According to the Gun Violence Archive, there were roughly 21,000 deaths (not counting suicides) and 41,000...
ARPA Funding: More Money is Available to Address Rising Gun Violence
Fighting Crime With the American Rescue Plan Act Last year, President Biden provided guidance that American...
Police Accountability on Patrol
Police accountability is essential to functioning democratic societies. It helps ensure officers act...
A Comprehensive Look at the Impact of ShotSpotter® Technology
With that said, there are a number of problematic comparisons and omitted or “cherry-picked” information...
crime analysis program
Is Your Crime Analysis Program Robust Enough for 2022?
Police departments around the country are struggling to manage the large amounts of data they collect...
Police Patrol Software: 5 Essential Features That Minimize Bias & Maximize Crime Deterrence
How can PDs create a bigger and better impact with fewer resources and more outside pressure? By deploying...
Officer patrolling
Police Patrol Strategies: 4 Tips for Improving Outcomes
Tight budgets, recruitment challenges and community accountability have made patrol management increasingly...

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