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ShotSpotter®’s Important Role in Improving Public Safety

a group of people walking down a street
ShotSpotter®'s Important Role in Improving Public Safety
Twelve major cities set homicide records this year. And yet more than 80 percent of gunshots are not...
a police officer wearing a face mask talking to a man
Improving the Relationship Between Police and Community
The relationship between police and community centers around a complex and deeply rooted social contract...
a group of people holding signs and wearing masks
Police-Community Relations: A Historical Overview
To start improving police-community relations, we must get to the root of the problem, which is mistrust...
a group of young people walking down a street
Bolster Police-Community Engagement with ShotSpotter®
Police-community engagement is now recognized as an important part of every law enforcement agency’s...
a black and white photo of a man in front of a building
SoundThinking’s™ Response to Associated Press Article
Update: The Associated Press has joined a growing list of media outlets that have retracted, corrected,...
two men sitting in front of multiple monitors
Our Commitment to Reducing Gun Violence
To our SoundThinking Customers and Communities: Over the past 25 years, SoundThinking has been at the...
a street light with a camera attached to it
Should We Ban Facial Recognition Software?
Today, law enforcement has a wide variety of technology tools at their disposal to help investigate,...
a large group of fish swimming over a coral reef
Fighting the Scourge of Blast Fishing
SoundThinking™ has two environmental initiatives which have shown great technical promise – protecting...
Engage Your Community to Prevent Celebratory Gunfire
As New Year’s Eve is fast approaching, our SoundThinking Incident Review Center (IRC) team is busy prepping...

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ShotSpotter is a leader in precision policing solutions that enable law enforcement to more effectively respond to, investigate and deter crime.

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