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A Voice from the Community: “ShotSpotter Works”

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At SoundThinking, our mission is to leverage cutting-edge technology to make neighborhoods safer and improve community trust.

So, we feel especially honored when members of the communities we serve recognize the impact and value of our products and services.

In his recent op-ed titled simply “ShotSpotter Works,” André Coleman, Managing Editor of Pasadena Now, highlighted the significance of ShotSpotter – SoundThinking’s acoustic gunshot detection technology – as a vital tool for supporting public safety.

In his insightful piece, Mr. Coleman touched on five critical aspects illustrating why residents and law enforcement across more than 150 cities in America trust ShotSpotter technology.

  1. A Cog in the Wheel of Community Safety

ShotSpotter employs sensors that accurately triangulate gunshots and relay crucial data to law enforcement. In his piece, Mr. Coleman states that, in the city of Pasadena, CA, ShotSpotter has proven to be a valuable tool in addressing gun violence. However, he rightly emphasizes that “ShotSpotter is merely a cog in the wheel to keep the community safe,” and that it should not be viewed as a standalone solution to solving the underlying issues that lead to crime.

  1. The Power of Quick Response

In emergency situations, prompt response times can spell the difference between life and death. ShotSpotter plays a pivotal role in supporting public safety by alerting law enforcement to virtually all gunfire within its coverage area in under 60 seconds. These near-real time alerts enable police to respond to gunfire incidents quickly and precisely, allowing them to save lives and collect critical evidence.

  1. Overcoming the Silence

One of the remarkable aspects of ShotSpotter is its ability to detect gunfire in situations where no one dialed 911 to report the gunshots. As Mr. Coleman reveals, out of the 80 shootings alerted by ShotSpotter in Pasadena this year, 42 incidents went unreported by the public. This means that ShotSpotter’s innovative technology helps fill the gaps in the reporting process to ensure a rapid response from law enforcement.

  1. Addressing Accountability and Oversight

Some community members have expressed a desire that new technology implementations used by law enforcement come with adequate accountability and oversight. Indeed, it is critical to strike a balance between ensuring that law enforcement has the necessary tools to guarantee community safety, while also providing mechanisms to monitor their usage. By leveraging technology, such as ShotSpotter, we can enhance accountability while simultaneously providing law enforcement with the means to respond swiftly and effectively to incidents, saving lives.

  1. Embracing the Role of Technology

Technological advancements are an integral part of our evolving society. As a public safety technology company, SoundThinking recognizes the potential of innovative solutions in creating safer communities. ShotSpotter represents a significant step forward in leveraging the latest technology to address gun violence and ensure the well-being of our communities and citizens.

We extend our gratitude to Mr. Coleman for his insightful op-ed, and encourage you to read it for yourself here:

Learn how ShotSpotter can help your community.

To learn more about how to leverage SoundThinking’s SafetySmart Platform to keep your community safe, please get in touch with us.