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Does My Agency Need Police Patrol Software?

a screenshot of a map of a city
Does My Agency Need Police Patrol Software?
How can PDs create a bigger and better impact with fewer resources and more outside pressure? By deploying...
a police car driving down a street next to a tall building
Directed Patrol vs. Hotspot Analysis
This is largely due to the increase in using data to identify problems and direct preventative efforts....
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Why a Problem-Oriented Policing Approach is the Future of Patrol
And high-visibility police patrols are a proven crime deterrent. But tight budgets and staffing challenges...
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SoundThinking™ Goes Beyond Gunshot Detection
It’s a difficult environment with more retirements and resignations negatively impacting cities and leading...
a group of uniformed men standing next to each other
How to Navigate Police Staffing Shortages
A June 2021 survey, by the Police Executive Research Forum (PERF), of about 200 police departments reflected...
a police officer walking down a street next to a police car
Police Accountability on Patrol
Police accountability is essential to functioning democratic societies. It helps ensure officers act...
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What is the SafetySmart™ Platform by SoundThinking™?
To understand how a precision policing platform helps law enforcement prevent crime and enhance community...
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The Importance of Evidence-Based Policing
To overcome these challenges, many law enforcement agencies are evolving to become more data-driven and...
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How to Maximize Agency Resources with Federal Funding
In a recent PERF survey, 48% of police agencies reported budget and staffing shortages. Resource constraints...
a woman in a military uniform using a computer
Is Your Crime Analysis Program Robust Enough for 2022?
Police departments around the country are struggling to manage the large amounts of data they collect...

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