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Officer-Involved Shootings: Lessons in Response from IACP

policeman standing against red background
Officer-Involved Shootings: Lessons in Response from IACP
Alongside 16,000 public safety professionals, we attended this year’s IACP (International Association...
a group of people standing next to an ambulance
Leveraging Gunshot Data for Tactical Interventions
As CEO of SoundThinking, it is my privilege to lead a company that makes communities safer by detecting,...
an aerial view of a city with lots of buildings
ShotCast Improves Media Coverage of Gun Violence
Here at SoundThinking, we understand the importance of transparency and informing the public of gunfire...
an aerial view of a city with a bridge in the background
Tragedy in Jacksonville and the Value of Rapid and Precise Response
Gun violence shatters lives, destroys families, and traumatizes entire communities. No doubt all of us...
a group of people sitting at computers in a room
Best Gunshot Detection System
Law enforcement agencies often consider a gunshot detection system because of the following realities: Over...
a man in a yellow shirt and a blue hat
Enabling Community Violence Intervention
ResourceRouter Community is an advanced software tool that utilizes a data-driven approach to identify...
a city with a lot of tall buildings
The Houston Chronicle is Wrong About ShotSpotter
What is the life of one resident worth to the Houston Chronicle? How about 35 lives? That is how many...
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A Voice from the Community: "ShotSpotter Works"
So, we feel especially honored when members of the communities we serve recognize the impact and value...
a woman in a white top is smiling
Public Safety Technology in South Africa
Over the course of their forty-minute conversation, Clark discussed SoundThinking’s ShotSpotter...
a map of a city with lots of dots
An Overview of CrimeTracer's Crime Map
Here at SoundThinking, we recognize the critical importance of police transparency, particularly the...

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