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Predictive Policing Alternatives

Image of the patrol screen with ResourceRouter functionality by SoundThinking.
Predictive Policing Alternatives
Predictive policing software uses data analytics and machine learning to forecast where and when crimes...
a screenshot of a map of a city
Does My Agency Need Police Patrol Software?
How can PDs create a bigger and better impact with fewer resources and more outside pressure? By deploying...
a man sitting at a desk in front of a computer
CompStat Policing: An Overview
What is CompStat? At its time, CompStat policing was a notable shift from a more reactive type of policing...
a group of people standing around a wooden fence
Using Data to Build Safer Communities
SoundThinking’s Director of Community Engagement Dr. Gerard Tate was joined by Reverend Damita Davis-Howard...
three men sitting on a stage in front of a microphone
The Importance of Law Enforcement Collaboration
I was one of the panelists along with former ATF Associate Deputy Director and SoundThinking’s...
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Gun Violence Prevention Best Practices: Part One
According to the Gun Violence Archive, there were roughly 21,000 deaths (not counting suicides) and 41,000...
an american flag flying in front of the capitol building
ARPA Funding: More Money is Available
Fighting Crime With the American Rescue Plan Act Last year, President Biden provided guidance that American...
a woman wearing glasses is looking at a computer screen
Problem-Oriented Policing: The Future of Patrol
And high-visibility police patrols are a proven crime deterrent. But tight budgets and staffing challenges...
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Gun Violence Prevention: A Cohesive Approach
On July 26, I had the privilege of addressing the 46th Annual Training Conference of the National Organization...
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SoundThinking™ Goes Beyond Gunshot Detection
It’s a difficult environment with more retirements and resignations negatively impacting cities and leading...

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