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Peregrine Alternatives

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Peregrine Alternatives
The contemporary law enforcement agency relies on technological tools to optimize the utilization of...
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How to Manage a Narcotics Investigation
The United States has been afflicted with a drug use epidemic for many years, which makes managing a...
Best Touchless Security Screening at Hotels
Security professionals exploring optimal touchless security screening solutions at hotels should prioritize...
Is There More to ShotSpotter Than Meets the Ear?
In most instances when a city uses ShotSpotter, gunshots are detected, and officers quickly arrive and...
Visitor Screening Solutions: An Overview
Security professionals grappling with rising incidents of violence and evaluating visitor screening solutions...
THOR+ Earns Excellent Net Promoter Score in State of Tennessee
According to a recent customer feedback survey, THOR+ (powered by CrimeTracer) received a net promoter...
Weapons Detection Systems for Hospitals: An Overview
Healthcare security professionals, contending with the escalating incidence of workplace violence in...
Best Casino Security Systems
In the world of casino security, maintaining a safe environment for patrons and staff while ensuring...
Best Touchless Security Screening System
Security experts exploring the best touchless security screening systems to safeguard casinos, hospitals,...
Improve Community Relations with Information Sharing
Accurate and transparent reporting of the use and efficacy of public safety technology by law enforcement...

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