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SoundThinking™ Goes Beyond Gunshot Detection

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SoundThinking™ Goes Beyond Gunshot Detection
It’s a difficult environment with more retirements and resignations negatively impacting cities and leading...
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How to Navigate Police Staffing Shortages
A June 2021 survey, by the Police Executive Research Forum (PERF), of about 200 police departments reflected...
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ShotSpotter® Effectiveness and Privacy Protections
The other technology panels included license plate readers, facial recognition, and geo-fencing for cell...
a police officer walking down a street next to a police car
Police Accountability on Patrol
Police accountability is essential to functioning democratic societies. It helps ensure officers act...
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The Impact of ShotSpotter® Technology
With that said, there are a number of problematic comparisons and omitted or “cherry-picked” information...
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SoundThinking™'s Approach to Fourth of July Safety
Hidden amidst the millions of fireworks explosions across the country is the deadly sound of illegal...
a group of emergency personnel loading a person on a stretcher
Gunshot Detection Alerts and Response Save Lives
Tragically, the surge in gun violence that began in 2020 during the pandemic continues unabated, shattering...
a police officer sitting in a car talking on a cell phone
We Need to Talk About Police Officer Mental Health
While their employment makes them an obvious representative of government authority, enforcement, and...
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The Importance of Police Transparency
It can be helpful to think of the police-community relationship as a social contract in which community...
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What are the Core Principles of Procedural Justice?
Ultimately, serving the community and treating citizens in a just manner is the standard that all police...

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