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Why Police Should Wear Body Cameras

two police officers standing next to each other
Why Police Should Wear Body Cameras
As a critical source of record, body cameras can help connect the dots in the course of an investigation....
a person in blue gloves holding a magnifying glass
Solving Crimes With a Case Management Solution
Tattoos, birthmarks, height, weight, motor vehicle information … all of these seemingly minor details...
a large group of fish swimming over a coral reef
Fighting the Scourge of Blast Fishing
SoundThinking™ has two environmental initiatives which have shown great technical promise – protecting...
a fingerprint on a black background with a blue light
How to Prepare CSI Units for Forensic Accreditation
The future of forensic standards for law enforcement is still in question, but getting prepared for potential...
a man in a business suit pressing a button on a touch screen
6 Questions to Ask Before Choosing Case Management Software
These features and benefits are all non-negotiable when it comes to selecting case management software...
a person holding a magnifying glass over a piece of paper
How to Identify the Players Before the Crime Happens
Investigations revealing indicators missed prior to a crime are all too common. Learn how the right software...
a boston police officer walking down a street
Law Enforcement Social Media Investigations
Police departments around the world have realized the power of conducting social media investigations—but...
a gray background with lines and dots
4 Benefits of Cloud-Based Solutions for Law Enforcement
Cloud providers operate on massive scales and offer the highest levels of expertise and resources that...
a group of people standing around each other
6 Rules for Leading a Multi Generational Workforce
Leading a multi-generational workforce requires accepting that each generation has differences – different...
a person typing on a laptop on a table
Organize Your Process With Investigation Management Software
Investigators collect a large amount of information and evidence. Most rely on their records management...

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