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Building a Gun Violence Prevention Strategy

a street with a basketball hoop and a building
Building a Gun Violence Prevention Strategy
ShotSpotter—SoundThinking’s acoustic gunshot detection service—identified the noise as gunfire and alerted...
a group of people reaching up to catch a frisbee
Gun Violence Prevention: A Cohesive Approach
On July 26, I had the privilege of addressing the 46th Annual Training Conference of the National Organization...
a group of emergency personnel loading a person on a stretcher
Gunshot Detection Alerts and Response Save Lives
Tragically, the surge in gun violence that began in 2020 during the pandemic continues unabated, shattering...
a man in a red shirt is painting a wall
Stopping the Cycle of Youth Gun Violence: Event Recap
During the illuminating hour-long conversation, we covered a lot of ground, particularly around the critically...
a group of people standing outside of a building
3 Violence Prevention Strategies For Your Community
All too often, the desire for safer and healthier communities is palpable, yet challenges arise due to...
a person sitting on the floor with their legs crossed
Why We Need Gun Violence Trauma Intervention
Recent research from Penn Medicine and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia highlighted a troubling truth:...

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