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Agencies are facing an uphill battle as crime is up and police staffing levels are significantly down.

It’s a difficult environment with more retirements and resignations negatively impacting cities and leading to burnout for existing officers. “Normal” staffing levels may never return. But with that said, SoundThinking is here to support the law enforcement profession and maximize the impact of your limited resources. While we are known primarily for our flagship gunshot detection product ShotSpotter® which is in more than 125 cities, many are not aware that our ability to assist at this critical time goes far beyond that single product.

We provide a full suite of precision policing solutions that make agencies more effective, efficient, and equitable. These additional products help address all types of crime, acting as a force multiplier when resources are limited. We offer leading investigative tools that assist in every step of the investigative process, and we have patrol and analyst tools to make directed patrolling more impactful. These affordable, modern-day policing solutions can help improve public safety outcomes and improve police-community relations. This comprehensive suite of products is now highlighted on our updated homepage.


Essential Investigative Tools

Many departments are still using spreadsheets and underpowered RMS modules to manually input, prioritize, and track leads, resulting in cases getting bogged down and going unsolved and leaving offenders at large to commit more crimes. SoundThinking’s investigative tools are designed to assist law enforcement agencies at every step of an investigation.

CaseBuilder™ Crime Gun imports NIBIN leads into a centralized platform, identifies associated gun crime incidents, prioritizes leads, and tracks cases so that investigative units can be more efficient and effective when taking on gun crime.

CrimeTracer™ is the #1 law enforcement search engine that brings together local, regional, and national data sources into a single pane of glass. Investigators can enter partial license plate or suspect description information and quickly identify persons of interest to solve crimes and improve clearance rates – for any crime.

CaseBuilder™ is a centralized case management system that creates a single, shared digital case folder to document and share information within an agency as well as help supervisors track and report on progress. The system is applicable for all crime types so police can more efficiently manage investigations and create courtroom-ready cases to ultimately share with prosecutors.

Patrol and Analyst Tools

Agencies are spending far too much time manually producing hotspot analysis reports to direct officers where to patrol. Furthermore, this manual approach is updated infrequently and may lead to low-impact patrol plans and unintentional over-policing, making it difficult to deter crime and eroding goodwill with the community.

ResourceRouter™ is patrol software that automates hotspot analysis for all Part 1 crimes in an entire jurisdiction. It is constantly updated and includes precise locations to patrol for each day and each shift, saving analyst and supervisor time and facilitating optimal outcomes even with limited resources.

Our Commitment to Help Make Policing Better

SoundThinking’s mission is to provide force multiplier tools to make policing better. Our state-of-the-art suite of products helps law enforcement save lives, solve crime, and foster the trust that is so critical to improving police legitimacy and building cooperation with the community.

SoundThinking is much more than gunshot detection.

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