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Police Accountability on Patrol

a police officer walking down a street next to a police car
Police Accountability on Patrol
Police accountability is essential to functioning democratic societies. It helps ensure officers act...
a group of people standing in front of a fire truck
What is the SafetySmart™ Platform by SoundThinking™?
To understand how a precision policing platform helps law enforcement prevent crime and enhance community...
a man sitting in a car using a laptop computer
The Importance of Evidence-Based Policing
To overcome these challenges, many law enforcement agencies are evolving to become more data-driven and...
a close up of an american flag
How to Maximize Agency Resources with Federal Funding
In a recent PERF survey, 48% of police agencies reported budget and staffing shortages. Resource constraints...
a woman in a military uniform using a computer
Is Your Crime Analysis Program Robust Enough for 2022?
Police departments around the country are struggling to manage the large amounts of data they collect...

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