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New CrimeTracer Updates: Better Information Sharing and Investigative Workflow

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New CrimeTracer Updates: Better Information Sharing and Investigative Workflow
CrimeTracer’s new Crime Bulletin feature allows agencies to upload and disseminate BOLO alerts on a nationwide...
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ShotSpotter® is a Critical Tool in a Gun Crime Response Strategy
In cities across the country where gun crime has risen exponentially since 2020, properly addressing...
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Link Analysis: An Overview
In the policing domain, these data points are usually people, locations, vehicles, property, organizations,...
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5 Reasons Your Law Enforcement Agency Needs Crime Analytics Software
And what if the needed information actually resides in the next jurisdiction over — or in another state?...
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The Art and Science of a Gun Crime Investigation
There’s no substitute for the fresh opportunity to collect evidence, interview witnesses, and provide...
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The Importance of Investigative Analysis
The FBI dates investigative analysis to the 1970s as one aspect of support the Bureau provides to local,...
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Investigating Crimes Committed in Prison
But even after they’ve successfully submitted a case to prosecution and an organization member is imprisoned,...
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How to Navigate a Human Trafficking Investigation
With an estimated 24.9 million victims worldwide at any given time, human traffickers prey on adults...
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How Can a Correctional Investigator Improve an Internal Investigation?
Lacking a system to properly triage cases, investigators can be left scrambling to prioritize both time...
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Information Sharing for Law Enforcement Databases
Investigators sift through massive amounts of data in their day-to-day operations and rely on information-sharing,...

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