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VICE Media and SoundThinking™ Resolve ShotSpotter® Dispute

a statue of lady justice holding a balance scale
VICE Media and SoundThinking™ Resolve ShotSpotter® Dispute
An Editor’s Note has now been included in the VICE article that states: “Following the publication of...
a bunch of fireworks that are in the sky
SoundThinking™'s Approach to Fourth of July Safety
Hidden amidst the millions of fireworks explosions across the country is the deadly sound of illegal...
a statue of lady justice holding a scale of justice
The ACLU Was Wrong About ShotSpotter® Technology
At SoundThinking™, we appreciate and respect the ACLU’s mission to defend and preserve individual rights...
a computer circuit with a lock on it
Community and Privacy: The Role of Technology
Many of our individual activities leave behind a digital trail. Cell phone activities. Credit cards. Social...
a group of people standing in front of a fire truck
What is the SafetySmart™ Platform by SoundThinking™?
To understand how a precision policing platform helps law enforcement prevent crime and enhance community...
a man sitting in a car using a laptop computer
The Importance of Evidence-Based Policing
To overcome these challenges, many law enforcement agencies are evolving to become more data-driven and...
a group of people walking down a street
ShotSpotter®'s Important Role in Improving Public Safety
Twelve major cities set homicide records this year. And yet more than 80 percent of gunshots are not...
a couple of bullet shells laying on the ground
Calling All Leaders: Crime Gun Intelligence Strategies, Now!
In terms of seeking justice for the victims, resolution for their loved ones and peace for their neighbors,...
a group of young people walking down a street
Bolster Police-Community Engagement with ShotSpotter®
Police-community engagement is now recognized as an important part of every law enforcement agency’s...
a black and white photo of a man in front of a building
SoundThinking’s™ Response to Associated Press Article
Update: The Associated Press has joined a growing list of media outlets that have retracted, corrected,...

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