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The Importance of Investigative Analysis

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The Importance of Investigative Analysis
Perhaps the most critical element in the investigator’s toolbox is investigative analysis—the practice...
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Mastering Strategies to Combat Gun Crime: Highlights
Collaborating across jurisdictions and with multiple agencies is more important than ever in law enforcement....
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Leveraging NIBIN Leads: 4 Technologies That Can Assist
Speed and efficiency are more critical than ever when solving gun crime investigations, and one of the...
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Peregrine Alternatives
The contemporary law enforcement agency relies on technological tools to optimize the utilization of...
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How to Manage a Narcotics Investigation
The United States has been afflicted with a drug use epidemic for many years, which makes managing a...
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Accurint Virtual Crime Center Alternatives
The modern law enforcement agency relies on technological tools to make the most of scarce resources...
Medicaid Fraud Software Can Expedite Investigations
Medicaid fraud is a massive problem in the United States. One estimate is that Medicare and Medicaid...
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Best Law Enforcement Data Management System
Law enforcement agencies navigating staffing shortages often turn to law enforcement data management...
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New CrimeTracer Updates: Better Information Sharing and Investigative Workflow
CrimeTracer’s new Crime Bulletin feature allows agencies to upload and disseminate BOLO alerts on a nationwide...
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COPLINK X Is Now CrimeTracer
Of course, we all know that change is inevitable, and for law enforcement, this is no exception. With...

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