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Integration Services/Notification API

ShotSpotter gunshot location and time data are used by many police and security systems in real-time to enhance the response and investigative follow up to a gunshot incident. For example, a ShotSpotter integration can:

· Point and zoom cameras toward gunfire incident 

· Display gunshot location on crime map in real time

· Gunshot incident data can be set up to automatically transfer to CAD/RMS/Crime Analysis Tools

ShotSpotter has worked with approximately 20 integration partners and 50 cities to integrate gunshot alert data with other city systems such as: license plate readers, RMS, CAD, predictive policing software,  crime dashboards, access controls, geospatial software, and even drones.

Customers can gain access to ShotSpotter data through the Notification API. Partners with a common customer can sign up to get ShotSpotter data through the Integration Partner Program.

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Real Time Crime Center and Geographic Information Systems – plot gunshot activity on a crime map in real time
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ShotSpotter automatically transfer data to police systems so patrol officers are dispatched and records systems get updated
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ShotSpotter data updates crime-risk assessment models to modify patrol missions
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Patrol Management
ShotSpotter gunfire data with lat/long and timestamp and more flow through API to partner system
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Video Management Systems – ShotSpotter data will point and zoom cameras in the direction of gunfire
ctv camera
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles – Data provides exact lat/long coordinates to enable UAVs to fly to crime scene and provide video feed
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License Plate Readers – Inform LPRs in proximity to gunfire event with time stamp to search for suspect vehicles
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“By integrating with ShotSpotter we are able to bring advanced insights and enhanced workflows to our joint customers. We see ShotSpotter as an important part of our future helping to support the customer experience.”

Mathieu D’Arsigny
Director, Security Center Unified Platform Product Group, Genetec

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