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Hospitality and casino security must consider the staffing, equipment, and other needs associated with weapons detection, while focusing on the customer experience. SafePointe provides a weapons detection solution for hospitality and casino venues that want discreet, free-flowing, unmanned entrance technology for their security systems.

Safety and security are priorities and fundamental necessities in the hospitality and casino industries. While effective, traditional weapons detection technologies like metal detectors can be an eyesore in an otherwise welcoming environment, metal detectors can also lead to operational bottlenecks and require additional staffing at entrances, underscoring the need for more discreet and efficient security measures. SafePointe weapons detection provides a discreet, effective, and efficient hospitality and casino security solution.

Risk Assessment

Using a risk analysis includes the equation likelihood x vulnerability x consequence. The consequence factor of a weapons-based security infringement can be extremely high, yet the likelihood variable is typically quite small. This makes weapons-based violence difficult to plan against.

When you include the vulnerability aspect along with the likelihood variable increasing as time goes on based on the nearly double increase in mass shootings in the United States in the last ten years, the likelihood is becoming more pronounced. Preventing weapons-based attacks has become a major nationwide focus for hospitality and casino venues.

Weapons Detection Checkpoint Options

The hospitality industry has many options when it comes to preventing weapons-based violence, and each has its pros and cons. Posting a simple “No Firearms” sign at the front door of a casino may be a low-friction and inexpensive attempt at preventing weapons from entering the building, but it is not a strong deterrent and is easy to bypass. On the opposite end of the spectrum, a TSA-like experience involving X-ray machines and full-body scans is likely to discover most weapons. Implementing a system like the TSA would be expensive and time-consuming, creating a bottleneck for guests upon entry.

Along with the associated staffing, equipment, and other costs associated with weapons detection, hospitality venues primarily need to consider the customer experience. A highly cumbersome checkpoint would be more intrusive and time-consuming for the customer. In these high-touch industries, brand is everything, and it’s important to balance safety while providing a warm and inviting experience.

Casinos have many layers of security measures that may be put in place at any given time to ensure the safety of the guests inside. Exterior patrols, license plate readers, manned entrances, and facial recognition software are popular tools for keeping guests and staff safe. However, physical security measures can be hard to scale across multiple entrances and locations. The addition of unmanned weapons detection at entrances is one of the tools needed in the security toolbox.

SafePointe Weapons Detection Technology

SafePointe offers a unique and effective solution to weapons detection that is efficient, low-maintenance, and discreet. The typical SafePointe setup involves two or more silver bollards surrounding an entrance to a facility. These silver bollards typically resemble a metal ashtray but can be made from concrete, styled to resemble a planter, or even hidden from view entirely. Each of these bollards contains a sensor that uses AI technology to detect changes in the earth’s natural magnetic field, allowing for advanced weapons detection from a radius of up to 15 feet.

When SafePointe detects a weapon, it uses a nearby camera to record a short video clip and photo. The video is then sent to SafePointe for initial viewing and analysis. The trained staff analyzes the video and sends an image with a color-coded alert box to note the alert’s severity within an average of ten seconds. There are three levels of alert that SafePointe provides:

  • Yellow Alert: A security officer, law enforcement officer, or patron is likely carrying a concealed or holstered weapon.
  • Orange Alert: Unusual situation, but the weapon is not visible.
  • Red Alert: An exposed weapon detected requires immediate security assessment on site as the situation could escalate to a mass casualty event.

The alerts are standard based on the situation viewed by SafePointe analysts, but each security force will implement policies and procedures to address each alert level.

Why SafePointe?

 Five key factors distinguish the SafePointe weapons detection system from traditional security measures.

  • SafePointe’s silver bollards are discreet and will not draw unwanted patron attention. The detectors can also be placed behind walls, penetrating up to two feet of steel-reinforced concrete. Thus, you can hide the bollards if they are within the 15-foot radius needed for detection.
  • SafePointe systems are designed for flow-through traffic, so waiting in lines is unnecessary, allowing your customers to enjoy themselves faster.
  • The SafePointe system is unmanned and requires no increased staffing to stand at the weapons detection points, allowing for increased subtlety, speed, and scalability without overtaxing employees.
  • The technology behind SafePointe is AI-based. It utilizes machine learning and a trained human overseer to recognize weapons signatures, working in tandem to keep your facility safe.
  • Contrary to metal detectors that generate a magnetic field, SafePointe utilizes a passive weapons detection system, detecting changes that weapons make in the earth’s natural magnetic field. This means the technology is safe for patrons with medical devices, such as pacemakers or wheelchairs, without sacrificing reliability or accuracy.

SafePointe provides a weapons detection solution for hospitality and casino venues that want discreet, free-flowing, unmanned technology for their security systems. Contact us today for more information on SafePointe’s AI-based weapons detection technology.

Enhanced Safety

Security teams in every venue aim for safety, and SafePointe provides enhanced safety without impeding traffic flow or hindering the customer experience. The unmanned system, housed in bollards or similarly hidden locations at entrances, can handle approximately 7,200 patrons per hour, up to ten times faster than standard metal detectors. Metal detectors also require security personnel to staff them, whereas SafePointe does not require staffing at the detection points, providing the best return on your investment.

Weapons detection technology using artificial intelligence (AI) can manage threats using unmanned bollards with your security force. SafePointe’s AI-based weapons detection technology allows free-flowing traffic for a premium guest experience in hospitality and casino venues, corporate headquarters, hospitals, higher education, and more. Watch the on-demand webinar to see how discreet weapons detection is the best solution for your facility.

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