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Security at college campuses often consider the implementation of weapons detection systems for schools due to the following challenges:

  1. Given the escalating concerns surrounding gun violence, the primary focus remains on safeguarding the well-being of students and faculty. However, the deployment of intrusive security measures like metal detectors may provoke discomfort among these individuals entering the premises, including the sense they are being unjustly treated like criminals.
  2. Effectively identifying students, staff members, or visitors carrying weapons and posing potential threats proves to be a daunting task.
  3. The utilization of metal detectors and similar active systems poses risks to individuals with medical devices or wheelchairs.
  4. Many schools seek cost-effective public safety solutions that won’t strain their budgets. Conventional security systems, which require multiple staff members, can result in significant financial burdens.
  5. The frequent occurrence of false alarms from security systems can deplete resources, cause panic, and divert attention from genuine threats. Many systems struggle to differentiate between everyday items and potential hazards.
  6. Prolonged queues resulting from metal detectors or similar security checks can disrupt school operations and negatively impact the experience of students or faculty.
  7. In critical incidents such as active shooter situations, video footage is essential for investigation purposes. However, numerous traditional security systems lack this capability, hindering post-event analysis.
  8. Integrating an external vendor’s cloud-based system-structured IT infrastructure may present a significant challenge, necessitating modifications to internal processes and procedures.

NoteSoundThinking’s SafePointe™ weapons detection system was built to solve all the pain points listed above. You can read about it in detail below or reach out to our sales team to learn more about how it can help improve security operations at your casino, hospital, corporate location, or school.

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SafePointe Weapons Detection System

The SafePointe Weapons Detection System stands out as an innovative stealth weapons detection system suited for dynamic school environments. Engineered to precisely detect individuals carrying weapons while significantly reducing false alarms, SafePointe shines in bustling areas like hotel entrances. With an impressive throughput of 7,200 individuals per hour per lane, its performance is unparalleled. By utilizing non-intrusive, passive sensors, SafePointe ensures compatibility with diverse visitor needs, including those with medical implants. Besides its economic advantages, SafePointe alleviates the necessity for additional security personnel, highlighting its cost-efficiency and operational prowess.

Key Feature #1: Covert Weapons Detection System Ensures Public Safety with Seamless Integration into Surroundings

In contrast to conventional and often conspicuous metal detector setups, the SafePointe system places a premium on discretion. Typically installed as inconspicuous bollards or seamlessly integrated into current structures, it ensures a harmonious blend with the environment.


SafePointe streamlines access for students and faculty to the school grounds, without the need for overt security measures. Its discreet implementation offers an added level of public safety while preserving the environment and ensuring the comfort of everyone on campus.

Key Feature #2: Unmanned System Upholds Rigorous Safety Protocols

SafePointe leverages cutting-edge sensor technology known as Magnetic Moment, pivotal for its economical and autonomous functioning. This technology employs advanced algorithms and an extensive database of weapon signatures to assess the magnetic attributes of objects, discerning potential threats from innocuous items. Its self-sufficient AI-driven methodology removes the need for continuous human monitoring at entry points, a conventional aspect of traditional security systems.

Conventional manned systems, while proficient during peak periods, may exhibit vulnerabilities during off-peak hours. SafePointe’s continuous 24/7 monitoring guarantees no lapses in security, consistently offering institutions peace of mind.

a computer screen with a picture of a person walking

Key Feature #3: Non-Intrusive Sensors Enhance Safety for Students and Staff

SafePointe’s Magnetic Moment sensors offer a non-intrusive option compared to active security measures like metal detectors and other weapons detection systems. This passive feature prioritizes the safety of individuals in wheelchairs, and those with medical devices. The discreet design of the bollards ensures unobstructed passage.

Key Feature #4: Cost Management via Economical Solutions

In contrast to conventional metal detectors, which can result in significant expenses, often surpassing $10,000 annually, SafePointe’s affordability is enhanced by its unmanned operation, eliminating the need for additional personnel. This financial advantage is further underscored by SoundThinking’s provision of a versatile, subscription-based payment structure for SafePointe, offering flexible terms of three or five years. This approach not only ensures the economic viability of SafePointe but also positions it as a strong choice in the marketplace for effective weapons detection systems for schools.

Key Feature #5: Accurate Detection Reduces False Alarms, Enhancing School Security

Unlike traditional metal detectors, which often suffer from high rates of false positives, SafePointe boasts an exceptionally low incidence of false alarms. This precision is owed to its vast database, housing over 14 million weapon signatures, and an AI/ML system that continually learns and adjusts. To address emerging threats and the introduction of new weapon types, SafePointe regularly updates its database, ensuring it stays ahead in threat detection. The ability to differentiate between genuine threats and harmless items, like personal belongings, is paramount in any environment.

Imagine a bustling school entrance where students and staff routinely carry metal objects such as phones, keys, or laptops. Traditional metal detectors and similar weapons detection systems might trigger alarms for these everyday items, causing unnecessary panic and disruptions. In contrast, SafePointe’s advanced system, supported by a comprehensive database and ongoing learning capabilities, effectively filters out these innocuous items, ensuring only legitimate threats are flagged. For security staff evaluating weapons detection systems for schools, SafePointe not only fosters a calmer atmosphere but also allows security personnel to focus on real threats without being overwhelmed by frequent false alarms.

Key Feature #6: Enhanced Screening Efficiency – Boosted by Up to 20 Times Compared to Conventional Methods

a screen shot of a cell phone description

 SafePointe can screen up to 7,200 individuals per hour per lane, exceeding the performance of traditional metal detectors by more than 20 times and surpassing some competitors by almost double the rate, thereby enhancing visitor throughput.

Key Feature #7: Coordinated Alerting Integrated with Video Facilitates Investigative Follow-Up

SafePointe’s system adeptly manages public safety by utilizing structured alerts, complemented with video footage for swift investigative follow-up. Unlike traditional metal detectors lacking video capabilities, SafePointe promptly provides categorized alerts along with relevant video clips to the security team within just six to ten seconds of detecting a potential threat. This rapid response is crucial in environments where immediate and
accurate security intervention is paramount.

a person holding a cell phone in their hand

The system transcends basic weapons detection by providing nearly instantaneous actionable intelligence. Employing a “human in the loop” methodology, SafePointe’s analysts evaluate and categorize the nature of the threat, furnishing security teams with comprehensive insights for prioritized and informed responses.

Moreover, the recorded video footage proves indispensable for real-time incident comprehension, empowering security personnel to make informed decisions. This visual evidence not only plays a pivotal role in immediate security measures but also serves as crucial documentation for subsequent investigations or legal proceedings. In healthcare scenarios, where time is of the essence, SafePointe’s structured and video-enhanced alert system ensures a swift, effective, and well-informed security response.

Key Feature #8: Operates Separately from Your Main Network

While the SafePointe system can interface with your VMS or other security platforms, it’s intentionally designed to operate independently from your network, a feature greatly valued by IT professionals. Our AI system and sensors are connected to and transmit alerts through the Cloud, utilizing either a web portal interface or a smartphone application.

Criteria for Assessing a Weapons Detection System

  1. Does the system ensure discreet weapons detection, prioritizing public safety while minimizing disruptions to the surrounding environment?
  2. What are the staffing needs for the system? Does it support unmanned operation while maintaining stringent safety measures?
  3. Are the sensors passive and free from health risks, ensuring the safety of guests and employees with medical devices or in wheelchairs?
  4. Does the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) align with your facility’s budgetary constraints? Are there flexible payment options available to better suit your needs?
  5. Has the system demonstrated high accuracy with minimal occurrences of false alarms?
  6. Can the system effectively handle high volumes of pedestrian traffic?
  7. Does the system provide real-time alerts supplemented with video for efficient investigative follow-up?
  8. Does the system operate independently of your main network?

The Leading Option for Weapons Detection

In a time where prioritizing public safety is crucial, SafePointe emerges as the prime choice for school security teams evaluating weapons detection systems for schools. Tailored for educational settings aiming to seamlessly integrate advanced threat detection, operational efficiency, and user-friendly design, SafePointe’s cutting-edge technology ensures safety within school grounds, nurturing a secure yet inviting atmosphere for both students and faculty.

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