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In the event of a gunfire incident, officers and investigators need to respond to the scene quickly to effectively aid victims, gather evidence, and generate tactical leads. Oftentimes, these tactical leads will be connected to a vehicle that was present or otherwise associated with the incident, which is when an automatic license plate reader (ALPR) system becomes useful.

ShotSpotter’s open API supports integration with all automatic license plate reader (ALPR) vendors, enabling agencies to save lives and solve gun crime investigations faster and more efficiently.

Here is a list of 12 popular ALPR vendors that ShotSpotter integrates with:

  1. Vigilant Solutions (a subsidiary of Motorola Solutions): This vendor provides agencies with the tools needed to capture license plate recognition data with robust, accurate data capture.
  2. Genetec Inc. The AutoVu™ automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) system alerts you to unwanted or unpermitted vehicles, providing immediate insights into your surroundings and enhancing your team’s operational efficiency.
  3. NEOLOGY (a subsidiary of 3M): A leader in detection innovation, NEOLOGY supplies advanced Vehicle Detection and Automatic License Plate Recognition solutions. NEOLOGY serves over 100 countries with over 60,000 systems deployed across multiple markets.
  4. PlateSmart Technologies: Established in 2004, the company pioneered the original software-only, camera-agnostic automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) solution, consigning to history-expensive, proprietary ALPR Software. Today, the company’s solutions have evolved to provide vehicle intelligence, driven by AI and deep learning.
  5. ELSAG North America (Leonardo): Leonardo’s continually growing suite of ELSAG®license plate reader systems integrates both fixed and mobile ALPR cameras with proprietary software. These purpose-built components come together to assist law enforcement, government agencies, tolling and parking authorities, security firms, and major enterprises.
  6. Rekor Systems: Rekor Scout® facilitates precise recognition of license plates and vehicles using almost any IP, traffic, or security camera. The detection outcomes are presented through a cloud-hosted or on-premises web-based interface.
  7. Bosch Security and Safety Systems: Bosch offers LPR technology as part of its video surveillance and security solutions.
  8. Avigilon (a Motorola Solutions company): Avigilon’s license plate recognition systems and LPR vendor technology help you detect and verify potential threats and automate security operations for efficient management.
  9. NDI Recognition Systems: NDI ALPR camera systems integrate with their VeriPlate®, VISCE®and/or PlateParQ™ software programs to provide instant alerts such as, criminal warrants, persons of interest, stolen vehicles, uninsured vehicles, and more.
  10. Flock Safety Falcon™: Flock Safety’s ALPR solution features Vehicle Fingerprint® Technology which enables you to identify vehicles by make, color, and decals, transforming footage into actionable evidence.
  11. Axis Communications license plate recognition: Axis’ LPR solutions incorporate a specialized camera equipped with pre-installed Axis or partner analytics. These analytics operate either on the camera itself, in the cloud, or on a server. The system automatically captures license plate information in real-time, subsequently comparing or adding it to a designated list and executing appropriate actions such as opening a gate, adding a cost, or generating an alert.
  12. Tattile: Tattile LPR cameras can cover a wide range of applications including speed enforcement, traffic light enforcement, vehicle tracking, and more.

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