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Security professionals responsible for safeguarding casinos, hospitals, corporate facilities, and schools may explore Xtract One alternatives when assessing weapons detection systems due to the following factors:

  1. Identifying individuals who might be carrying weapons and pose a threat is particularly challenging in designated “no firearm” areas.
  2. Given that gun violence is a significant concern, ensuring public safety remains a top priority. At the same time, maintaining a positive visitor experience is crucial. When people unexpectedly encounter metal detectors or weapon screening setups, it can evoke feelings of discomfort.
  3. Security departments require a public safety solution that is not only efficient and accurate but also cost-effective. Traditional metal detectors often demand the presence of two to five staff members, which can strain the budget, especially in places like hospitals seeking to reduce non-provider expenses.
  4. Active systems like metal detectors can be problematic for individuals with devices such as implants and pacemakers– security professionals need a reliable weapons detection system with passive sensors that pose no health risks.
  5. Security systems that frequently trigger false alarms create more than just a minor inconvenience. They deplete resources, induce unnecessary panic, and can divert attention from genuine threats. Many existing systems struggle to differentiate between everyday objects and potential hazards. Additionally, long queues generated by metal detectors can adversely affect the visitor experience and impede facility operations.
  6. Metal detectors frequently lead to extended lines, causing an adverse effect on the visitor’s satisfaction and hampering the efficiency of facility operations.
  7. In the event of an active shooter or crisis situation, having access to video footage for investigative purposes is of utmost importance. Unfortunately, many metal detectors lack this feature.

NoteSoundThinking’s SafePointe™ weapons detection system was built to solve all the pain points listed above. You can read about it in detail below or reach out to our sales team to learn more about how it can help improve security operations at your casino, hospital, corporate location, or school.

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Xtract One

Formerly known as PatriotOne Technologies Inc., Xtract One is a modern metal detector solution company founded in 2010 in Toronto, Canada.

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Xtract One is known primarily for its SmartGateway product.

SafeGateway is a metal detector alternative that automatically scans entrants for concealed weapons such as guns, knives, and IED components. Focused primarily on high-traffic, ticket-taking venues, this type of solution is geared toward entertainment venues rather than casinos, hospitals, and corporate facilities.

What are the Leading Xtract One Alternatives?

Although numerous businesses and institutions have integrated Xtract One into their security strategies, it may not be the ideal solution for all scenarios.

In this article, we will present various alternatives to Xtract One and focus on the advanced weapons detection system provided by SoundThinking, known as SafePointe. Additionally, we will explore the key attributes that set SafePointe apart as a compelling substitute for Xtract One, especially for establishments emphasizing both safety and positive user experience.

Xtract One Alternative # 1: SafePointe

a screen shot of the safepointe app

For security departments contending with the complexities of ensuring public safety in crowded environments, the best choice is a covert weapons detection system that performs thorough security checks while preserving the quality of the visitor’s experience.

Key Feature # 1: Covert Weapons Detection System Ensures Public Safety Without Disrupting Surroundings

In contrast to conventional metal detector systems and the prominent presence of Xtract One’s SmartGateway, a system that conspicuously greets visitors upon entry, the concealed SafePointe system is typically installed in the form of inconspicuous bollards that harmoniously blend into the environment.

a man standing outside of a building with a clock on the front of it

For instance, within a bustling casino, visitors can enter the establishment without being overwhelmed by overt security system measures, ultimately improving the visitor experience. The unobtrusive quality of SafePointe imparts an added layer of public safety while preserving ambiance as well as the comfort of the visitors.

Key Feature #2: A Cost-Efficient, Unmanned Solution That Maintains Stringent Public Safety Standards

a computer screen with a picture of a person walking

SafePointe employs a distinctive sensor technology known as Magnetic Moment, featuring sophisticated algorithms and an extensive database of weapon signatures. These sensors identify the magnetic characteristics of objects, distinguishing between possible threats and harmless items. Its AI-driven methodology enables it to operate without the need for continuous human supervision at entry points, a requirement of conventional detectors. The SafePointe system supplements its AI with a “human in the loop” present in remote monitoring centers.

Conventional manned systems, although efficient during peak hours, can be exposed to vulnerabilities during non-peak times. Picture a school scenario: there might be a robust security presence at the beginning of the school day, but what occurs during quieter periods? If an armed person were to infiltrate the premises at an off-peak time (say 11:00 AM, for instance) the potential repercussions could be grave. SafePointe’s continuous 24/7 monitoring guarantees an unbroken security shield, perpetually granting institutions peace of mind.

Key Feature # 3: Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

In contrast to traditional metal detectors, which cost upwards of $10k per year in addition to the salaries of anywhere from two to five individuals to operate, SafePointe’s unmanned weapons detection system distinguishes itself with its economical Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). To enhance its financial attractiveness, SoundThinking provides a subscription-based payment model, which can be selected for three- or five-year terms.

Key Feature # 4: Passive Sensors Free of Health Risk for Improved Safety

SafePointe’s Magnetic Moment sensors provide a passive alternative to active security measures like metal detectors and other weapons detection systems. This passive nature ensures the safety of individuals with medical devices such as implants and pacemakers, as well as pregnant women and children. The bollards’ unobtrusive design allows for easy passage for individuals in wheelchairs and gurneys, a feature absent in conventional metal detectors with restrictive, narrow pathways.

In addition, Magnetic Moment sensors excel in accurately detecting weapons on wheelchairs or gurneys, addressing a nationwide issue of weapons passing through ambulance bays. This distinguishing feature sets SafePointe apart from competitors like Evolv and other systems that either lack the width to accommodate wheelchairs or gurneys or fail to differentiate between these devices and potential threats, increasing the risk of unauthorized weapons passing through undetected.

Key Feature # 5: Low Rate of False Positives Ensures Public Safety

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In contrast to metal detectors, which may frequently produce high false positive rates, SafePointe consistently maintains an impressively low incidence of false alarms.

SafePointe distinguishes itself in the field of security technology through its AI-driven methodology. Leveraging an extensive database containing over 14 million weapon signatures, the system’s depth of knowledge is exceptional. This extensive database is not static; SafePointe’s AI/ML is designed to perpetually learn and adapt. As threats evolve and new types of weapons emerge, the system continually updates its knowledge base, ensuring it remains at the forefront of threat detection. This ongoing learning capability, coupled with its already vast database, guarantees that SafePointe adeptly discerns genuine threats from everyday items, thereby minimizing false alarms and maximizing public safety.

For instance, let’s consider a scenario within a bustling school environment where students often carry metal objects such as phones, keys, or even laptops. With conventional metal detectors and other weapons detection vendors, these common items might trigger alarms, leading to unnecessary panic and disruptions. However, SafePointe’s advanced system, thanks to its extensive database and continuous learning capacity, effectively filters out such innocuous items, ensuring that only actual threats are flagged. This not only fosters a more tranquil environment but also enables security personnel to concentrate on legitimate threats without being inundated by frequent false alarms.

Key Feature # 6: Up to 20 Times Faster than Conventional Metal Detectors Without Impacting Visitor Movement

 Standard metal detectors typically process around 300 to 400 individuals per hour, depending on the venue, circumstances, and related variables. Xtract One claims its SmartGateway solution can screen up to 2,400 people per hour per gate, a big improvement compared to traditional metal detectors.

However, the SafePointe system, in contrast, can screen up to 7200 patrons per hour per lane, more than 20x faster than traditional metal detectors and 3x faster than Xtract One’s SmartGateway, depending on the specific application and the existing security assets in place.

Once more, these performance features and results hinge on the individual circumstances at each site. However, the central principle persists: SafePointe’s effectiveness is grounded in its unobtrusive screening technology, which ensures a seamless user experience.

This advantage has a dual impact:

Visitors enjoy an improved entry experience, as they no longer need to pause, empty their pockets, or remove belts. They can effortlessly pass through security, alleviating the typical stress associated with conventional security screenings.

Security personnel benefit from a more efficient procedure. SafePointe’s ability to process up to 7,200 patrons per hour per lane enables them to handle larger crowds with enhanced effectiveness, ensuring safety remains uncompromised.

When compared to competitors like Xtract One’s SmartGateway, which screens 2,400 people per hour per lane — more than an 80% difference —SafePointe’s benefits become even more apparent.

Key Feature # 7: Organized Alerts with Associated Videos to Strengthen Investigative Follow-up

In contrast to conventional metal detector systems that do not have video capabilities, SafePointe’s system promptly triggers a classified alert along with relevant video footage to the customer’s security team within a six to ten-second timeframe.

a person holding a cell phone in their hand

SafePointe’s security methodology goes beyond weapons detection; it’s focused on delivering actionable intelligence in near real-time. In the event of a potential threat, the system doesn’t just send a standard alert; it classifies the threat following a review by SafePointe’s human analysts (utilizing a “human in the loop” approach), offering security teams a more comprehensive understanding of the situation at hand. This categorization can prove invaluable in determining response priorities.

Above all, video recordings capture segments of the incident as it transpires, allowing security staff to evaluate the circumstances and make informed choices regarding their response. This visual documentation becomes a crucial resource for any subsequent inquiry, serving as proof of the incident and assisting in legal proceedings and assessments. In a context where time is of the essence, possessing such comprehensive information can distinguish between a rapid, efficient response and a potentially disorderly scenario.

Other Xtract One Alternatives

Xtract One Alternative # 2: Evolv Technology

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Evolv, established in 2013 in Waltham, MA, is a security screening company specializing in weapons detection. Evolv created and advanced a contactless security screening system employing digital sensors and artificial intelligence to identify security threats.

Evolv Technology offers two primary products: Evolv Express® and Evolv Extend™. Evolv Express functions as a weapons detection system, screening individuals at entry points, like conventional metal detectors. According to Evolv, it delivers a swifter and more efficient threat screening experience compared to traditional metal detectors.

Evolv Extend is a detection solution that, as per the company’s claims, can identify individuals carrying firearms at distances of up to 100 feet.

Xtract One Alternative #3: Athena Security

a screen shot of the homepage of a website

Utilizing CEIA OPENGATE technology, the Athena Security weapons detection system consists of an active HD walkthrough metal detector, induction lidar, a visual camera, artificial intelligence features, a control tablet, and a monitor tablet. This system offers a faster screening process compared to conventional airport or courthouse scanners. However, it operates with reduced sensitivity, reducing the likelihood of false alarms, such as those triggered by belt buckles, while also being less likely to detect concealed weapons.

Checklist and Questions to Ask for Assessing Best Xtract One Alternatives

  1. Does the system offer concealed weapons detection that ensures public safety while seamlessly blending into the surroundings?
  2. What is the staffing requirement for the system? Does the system meet rigorous public safety standards?
  3. What is its Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)?
  4. Are the sensors non-intrusive and free from health risks?
  5. Has the system established a reputation for exceptional accuracy with few false positives?
  6. Can the system efficiently manage heavy foot traffic without causing congestion?
  7. Can the system deliver categorized alerts in real time along with accompanying video footage for both immediate and subsequent evaluation?


In a world prioritizing security, organizations should investigate options beyond Xtract One and conduct a thorough evaluation to determine the most fitting weapons detection system for their specific needs. SafePointe strikes an ideal balance, offering advanced threat detection, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and a seamless visitor experience. With its cutting-edge technology and a proven history of success in various high-traffic settings, SafePointe clearly stands out as the top choice for modern, efficient, and accurate security screening.

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