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How to Earn (and Maintain) Law Enforcement Subject Matter Expertise

a statue of lady justice in front of an american flag
How to Earn (and Maintain) Law Enforcement Subject Matter Expertise
Many in the law enforcement and emergency responder community – including police and fire departments,...
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4 Steps for Managing Crime Tips & Leads More Accurately
In this post, we’ll highlight 4 steps police and law enforcement organizations can follow to more accurately...
an american flag with a thin blue line on it
The State of Policing in America: Lawlessness Needs to End
How did we get to this point in our nation where people believe they can get away with such lawlessness?...
a judge's gaven sitting on top of a wooden table next to a stack of law books
Life After Law Enforcement: Career and Retirement Options
In addition to serving our communities, we must always be thinking of how we support our families, which...
a group of people sitting around a table with electronic devices
What is Criminal Intelligence Database Software?
How can law enforcement efficiently capture tips to better inform the operational and investigative process?...
a group of police officers standing next to each other
Police Officer Safety & Wellness: We Need to Focus on Mental Health
Seven NYPD officers have taken their own life in 2019, as of July 27, 2019. And back in June, Chief Terence...
a couple of police cars parked next to each other
Protecting First Responders & Civilians: Why We Need the VCF [Opinion]
In February 2019, the September 11th Victims Compensation Fund (VCF) announced that they were running...
a street light with a camera attached to it
Facial Recognition Software for Fighting Crime: To Ban or Not to Ban
Today, law enforcement has a wide variety of technology tools at their disposal to help investigate,...
two police officers standing next to a car
3 Features Your Law Enforcement Case Management Software Must Have
Police investigations are the engine of the criminal justice system. They help investigators build the...
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Crime Scene Documentation: Work Smarter, Not Harder
The processes for documenting crime scenes have changed immeasurably in the last 30 years. But while...

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