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Crime Scene Documentation: Work Smarter, Not Harder

a close up of a paper with a prescription bottle
Crime Scene Documentation: Work Smarter, Not Harder
The processes for documenting crime scenes have changed immeasurably in the last 30 years. But while...
two police officers standing in front of a crowd of people
We Need More Than Gun Control Laws
Ed Wallace, retired First Grade Detective from the NYPD, offers his opinion on the state of gun control...
two police officers standing next to each other
Revitalizing Collaboration in Public Safety Agencies
From body cameras and drones to facial recognition and artificial intelligence, public safety agencies...
a police officer standing in front of a red and blue background
Addressing the Increase of Law Enforcement Fatalities
How many law enforcement officers would still have their lives today if they had been properly trained...
a person wearing blue gloves and holding a knife
Crime Scene Investigators Encountering Hazardous Materials
Those who worked at Ground Zero, the Fresh Kills Land Fill and the NYC Office of Chief Medical Examiner’s...
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5 Reasons Modern Agencies Are Better at Case Management
Modern police departments can increase solvability, improve courtroom readiness and boost overall agency...
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How Police Officers Can Help the Opioid Epidemic
As the opioid crisis worsens law enforcement is increasingly called upon to intervene.
a magnifying glass sitting on top of a sheet of fingerprints
How Better Forensic Standards Improve Investigations
While forensic practices have come a long way, work must be done to improve standards in order for law...
two police officers standing next to each other
Why Police Should Wear Body Cameras
As a critical source of record, body cameras can help connect the dots in the course of an investigation....
a person in blue gloves holding a magnifying glass
Solving Crimes With a Case Management Solution
Tattoos, birthmarks, height, weight, motor vehicle information … all of these seemingly minor details...

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