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Gun Violence Prevention: A Cohesive Approach
On July 26, I had the privilege of addressing the 46th Annual Training Conference of the National Organization...
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SoundThinking™ Goes Beyond Gunshot Detection
It’s a difficult environment with more retirements and resignations negatively impacting cities and leading...
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How to Navigate Police Staffing Shortages
A June 2021 survey, by the Police Executive Research Forum (PERF), of about 200 police departments reflected...
a machine gun laying on top of a wooden floor
Ways to Reduce Gun Violence in a Machine Gun Era
Before we determine effective ways to reduce gun violence in the United States today, it’s important...
a person typing on a laptop with a futuristic interface
ShotSpotter® Effectiveness and Privacy Protections
The other technology panels included license plate readers, facial recognition, and geo-fencing for cell...
a police officer walking down a street next to a police car
Police Accountability on Patrol
Police accountability is essential to functioning democratic societies. It helps ensure officers act...
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The Importance of Investigative Analysis
The FBI dates investigative analysis to the 1970s as one aspect of support the Bureau provides to local,...
a woman sitting at a desk writing on a notebook
A Comprehensive Look at the Impact of ShotSpotter® Technology
With that said, there are a number of problematic comparisons and omitted or “cherry-picked” information...
a statue of lady justice holding a balance scale
VICE Media and SoundThinking™ Resolve ShotSpotter® Dispute
An Editor’s Note has now been included in the VICE article that states: “Following the publication of...
a close up of a person's shoes and chains
Investigating Crimes Committed in Prison
But even after they’ve successfully submitted a case to prosecution and an organization member is imprisoned,...
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How to Manage a Narcotics Investigation
The past decade has focused particular attention on narcotics, including heroin, prescription opioids,...
a bunch of fireworks that are in the sky
SoundThinking™'s Approach to Fourth of July Safety
Hidden amidst the millions of fireworks explosions across the country is the deadly sound of illegal...
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