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ResourceRouter Community is expected to provide valuable data to social service programs and community violence intervention (CVI) groups to support their efforts to prevent violence, improve public safety, and increase community trust.

ResourceRouter Community is an advanced software tool that utilizes a data-driven approach to identify community “hot spots” where crime is prevalent, enabling community violence intervention (CVI) workers and social service workers to efficiently allocate their resources where they are needed most. Previously available only to law enforcement, ResourceRouter Community enables users to embrace a proactive approach that maximizes their presence and impact, while reducing the need for ineffective gut-based interventions.

Upon entering a defined area, ResourceRouter Community presents users with a comprehensive pre-engagement briefing, outlining recent crime in the area and suggesting engagement options. After the engagement, CVI workers can log observations and planned interventions or activities which are automatically compiled in a report for administrative staff. From a management perspective, this information can then be used to ascertain a worker’s presence, time spent on incidents and identify the most optimal deployment of resources.

“We’re thrilled to announce the launch of ResourceRouter Community,” said Ralph Clark, CEO of SoundThinking, Inc. “This technology exemplifies the type of advanced, data-driven tools that make up the SafetySmart™ platform and expands SoundThinking’s mission to create safer neighborhoods and save lives, beyond assisting law enforcement. We’re proud to play a key role in fostering collaboration, empowering community organizations and protecting our cities.”

Miami-Dade County, Florida will be among the first to deploy ResourceRouter Community. The county has successfully utilized other SoundThinking, Inc. solutions, such as ShotSpotter, ResourceRouter and the Data for Good initiative. Ummah Futures International, a Miami-Dade County-based police/community collaborative and SoundThinking Data for Good partner, will leverage the technology to help deliver critical resources and services to residents more efficiently and effectively.

“With ResourceRouter Community, we’re able to direct violence interrupters and other social services into communities instead of solely relying on police patrols,” said Wayne Rawlins, President of Ummah Futures International. “That means greater accountability on our part because we can see where workers are and how long they’ve been there. We want to make a positive impact and this allows our workers to get credit for the work they do.”

To learn more about how to leverage SoundThinking’s SafetySmart Platform to keep your community safe, please get in touch with us.