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Worcester Police Department Boosts Public Safety with ResourceRouter Integration

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Over the past decade, the City of Worcester Police Department (WPD) has employed SoundThinking technology for a community-first approach to policing. After successfully implementing ShotSpotter in 2014, they introduced ResourceRouter in 2021.

Tiana Antul, WPD’s Principal Crime Analyst, highlights the impact of the patrol management system: “We’ve deployed ResourceRouter for a little over a year now, and every time we’ve evaluated the program, what the data tells us is that we are reducing and preventing crime. So, I think the value of having ResourceRouter at our agency is really that it allows us to meet the expectations of modern-day policing.

ResourceRouter is a way for us to demonstrate commitment to today’s policing standards of being data-driven, evidence-based, and accountable. Today, in addition to responding to calls for service and engaging with the community and solving problems, there’s the added expectation that we’ll be able to use and leverage data, to anticipate where and when crimes will occur to prevent them from happening in the first place.

I can tell you unequivocally that we would not be able to achieve what ResourceRouter allows us to do with directed patrols, with the resources that we have in terms of the number of analysts and time that that would require.”

Interim Police Chief Paul B. Saucier further emphasizes ResourceRouter’s significance to the WPD, noting how the patrol management software has multiplied the department’s capacity amid a 46-officer shortage: “Any technology that assists us in doing our jobs is always helpful.”

How ResourceRouter Benefits Worcester Police Department
In an era of increasingly limited resources, ResourceRouter makes it easier for the WPD to send officers to the right place at the right time, leading to greater efficiency and better outcomes.
ResourceRouter automates the planning of directed patrols, saving analysts crucial time that would have otherwise been spent manually producing reports.
Timely tactical information about gunshot incidents helps improve the WPD’s effective- ness at the scene, during evidence collection, and during subsequent investigations.

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