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Leading Public Safety Solution Provider Soundthinking Observes National Gun Violence Awareness Day And Wear Orange Weekend

Summary: Leading provider of public safety technologies, SoundThinking, Inc., today announced its active participation in the observation of National Gun Violence Awareness Day and Wear Orange Weekend. The company highlighted the significance of the “Wear Orange” movement and announced a series of month-long initiatives to help raise awareness and enact change in the fight against gun violence.

Fremont, Calif., June 1, 2023 – SoundThinking, Inc. (Nasdaq: SSTI) (formerly ShotSpotter, Inc.), a leading public safety technology company that combines data-driven solutions and strategic advisory services for law enforcement and community assistance groups, today announced its active participation in National Gun Violence Awareness Day, which kicks off Wear Orange Weekend. The annual event, taking place from June 2-4, 2023 aims to raise awareness about the devastating impact of gun violence and advocate for meaningful change.

“As an organization committed to addressing gun violence and creating safer communities, we look forward to participating in National Gun Violence Awareness Day and Wear Orange Weekend,” said Ralph Clark, CEO of SoundThinking, Inc. “This is a time to remember victims, support their families, and advocate for solutions. We stand united with the community across the country in our goal to raise awareness and demand change.”

“Wear Orange” began in 2015 as a tribute to the life of Hadiya Pendleton, who was tragically shot and killed in Chicago one week after marching in President Obama’s inaugural parade. Her friends decided to commemorate her life by wearing orange, the color hunters wear in the woods for safety. Since its inception, the act of wearing orange honors her and the more than 20,000 Americans who have fallen victim to gun violence in 2022 according to Gun Violence Archive, as well as the staggering 25,000+ deaths in 2021 resulting from suicide by firearm according to Gun Violence Archive. Particularly alarming is the disproportionate number of young men of color from vulnerable communities who have been affected by gun violence.

As part of its involvement, SoundThinking will assist in raising awareness around gun violence issues through the following initiatives:

  1. Throughout the month of June (Gun Violence Awareness Month), SoundThinking will highlight important work being done in the pursuit of gun safety, and emphasize the importance of technology, community partnerships, and advocacy in addressing gun violence.
  2. SoundThinking employees will wear company-provided orange t-shirts over Wear Orange Weekend to demonstrate visible support for the movement. SoundThinking team members are also invited to participate in Attend Wear Orange 2023, an annual march across the Golden Gate Bridge on Sunday, June 4th at 11 AM, symbolizing unity against gun violence.
  3. Over the course of Wear Orange Weekend, SoundThinking will utilize a modified company’s logo and social media avatars with an orange theme to symbolize solidarity.

“Creating meaningful change in the fight against gun violence takes all of us,” said Tom Chittum, SVP of Analytics & Forensic Services at SoundThinking, Inc.  “In addition to wearing orange as a visible symbol of solidarity, we strongly urge all Americans to attend local events, consider making donations to organizations working to prevent gun violence and engage in conversations with friends, family, community members and elected officials. We need everyone’s voice to be heard in this fight.”

SoundThinking, Inc. is known for its gunshot detection system, ShotSpotter, which aids over 150 cities across the country in saving lives and improving public safety.  More than 80% of gunfire incidents go unreported to 911. ShotSpotter bridges that gap by alerting police to criminal gunfire in less than 60 seconds, enabling police to locate potential victims and collect critical evidence for investigations.

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SoundThinking, Inc. (Nasdaq: SSTI) is a leading public safety technology company that combines data-driven solutions and strategic advisory services for law enforcement and community assistance groups. We are trusted by over 155 cities and over 20 universities and corporations to drive more efficient, effective, and equitable public safety outcomes, making communities healthier. Our SafetySmart™ platform includes ShotSpotter®, the leading acoustic gunshot detection system, CrimeTracer™, the foremost law enforcement search engine, CaseBuilder™, a one-stop investigation management system, and ResourceRouter™, software that directs patrol and community anti-violence resources to help maximize their impact. SoundThinking has been designated a Great Place to Work® Company.

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