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ShotSpotter fires back at Warren, Markey, Pressley for their critical letter with ‘false and misleading assertions’

June 12, 2024

The Boston Herald reported on a letter sent by SoundThinking CEO Ralph Clark to Senators Elizabeth Warren, Ed Markey and Rep. Ayanna Pressley. The letter responded strongly to the trio for calling for a federal probe into public funding for ShotSpotter, accusing them of spreading “recycled falsehoods and misleading assertions.” In his detailed response, Clark emphasized that ShotSpotter helps save lives by alerting police to gunfire that often goes unreported, while citing support from Boston’s mayor and police for the technology’s ability to enable rapid response times and evidence collection. Inviting the lawmakers to see a demonstration of ShotSpotter in Washington DC, Clark explained “the only bias in this matter lies not with ShotSpotter, but in those opponents who continue to ignore objective facts.”