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CrimeTracer - Customer Testimonials

a sheriff badge is shown on a white background

Mobile access to COPLINK enables an individual officer to do the work that once would have taken two or three people: the dispatcher, an analyst and perhaps even a detective to obtain the information in the field.

US County Sheriff’s Office
the seal of the department of justice

It’s about time someone came up with this. It’s incredible.

Special Agent in Charge
U.S. Department of Justice
the seal of the department of justice

It is becoming increasingly impossible for us to do our jobs without the information in Forensic Logic*.

Supervisory Special Agent
Federal Bureau of Investigation
the seal of the state of colorado

After 25 years of service as an ATF Agent with a primary focus on illicit firearms trafficking and violent street gangs, I’m well versed in the tools utilized for firearms enforcement. Forensic Logic* is a critical tool in fighting violent gun crime as it puts all pieces of information together to help investigators see the whole picture, identify the offender and bring them to justice.

Todd Reichert
Special Agent (ret) – ATF
the oakland police badge is shown in blue and yellow

Forensic Logic* is the heart and soul of our IT, search, analysis and reporting across all of our databases. We’d be lost without it.

Senior Command Staff Member
Oakland Police Department
the oakland police badge is shown in blue and yellow

Starting in July 2022, multiple suspects were involved in an armed robbery series where the targeted victims were construction workers and their power tools. During the investigation, the assigned Robbery Unit investigator identified one suspect. The investigator conducted a [CrimeTracer] search of the suspect’s name, and several crime reports/field contact reports were located showing the suspect’s previous contacts. The investigator obtained a cell phone ping warrant for the listed cell phone number associated with the suspect. The information gleaned from the cell phone ping warrant assisted in tracking the suspect, placing him on scene of two of the robberies. Additionally, there was an identified vehicle used by the suspects in their robberies. The investigator conducted a [CrimeTracer] search on the vehicle’s license plate and discovered it was associated to another suspect based on a stop data information in [CrimeTracer]. The investigator consequently connected this suspect to the suspect vehicle and one of the robbery incidents.

Senior Command Staff Memeber
Oakland Police Department
the oakland police badge is shown in blue and yellow

In February 2022, three suspects committed a home invasion armed robbery.  During the investigation, one suspect (S-1) was identified by name. The investigator conducted a [CrimeTracer] search on the suspect which revealed several field contact reports where the suspect (S-1) was associated with a male subject who matched the description of one of the other suspects (S-3) provided by the victim. The investigator conducted a [CrimeTracer] search on S-3 which revealed several recent contacts throughout Alameda County; the vehicle noted in these contacts matched the suspect vehicle that was observed on surveillance cameras at the time the home invasion robbery occurred. The victim subsequently identified S-1 and S- 3 in a photo lineup. The investigator obtained arrest warrants for S-1 and S-3, and they were taken into custody.

Senior Command Staff Member
Oakland Police Department
the oakland police badge is shown in blue and yellow

In December 2022, three suspects committed an armed robbery of two victims. During the investigation, it was discovered that a credit card belonging to one of the victims was used at a liquor store in Oakland. From the liquor store surveillance video, the investigator observed subjects using the stolen credit card and then entering a vehicle. The investigator conducted a [CrimeTracer] search on the vehicle which led to the identification of one of the suspects.. Based on previous contact information involving the vehicle, the investigator connected one of those individuals as being one of the suspects involved in the robbery. The investigator subsequently obtained an arrest warrant for this suspect.

Senior Command Staff Member
Oakland Police Department
the oakland police badge is shown in blue and yellow

Forensic Logic* has been a valuable tool in Oakland’s Ceasefire and intelligence-based strategies. Forensic Logic* allowed us to track and identify conflicts keeping us focused on the very small part of the population that was driving the violence. As a result, gun violence dropped by nearly 50% in five years while our negative footprint on the community shrunk. With the help of Forensic Logic*, Oakland was able to make the City a safer place and improve its relationship with the community at the same time.

Rich Niven
Lieutenant (ret) – Oakland Police Department
a police patch with the words ceress on it

For the past few months, the City of Ceres has seen a rise in commercial burglaries. During one event a security camera captured the suspect’s face and shoulder tattoo. The tattoo was a very distinctive “SF”. I typed in the information to CrimeTracer and after a few seconds of searching, I located my suspect. A warrant was issued and the suspect was subsequently arrested a few days later.

Detective Jon Vera
Ceres Police Department
a police badge with an american flag on it

I investigated an armed carjacking that occurred at a gas station in Newark, CA. I was able to locate the suspect vehicle license plate via automated license plate readers and then I searched that license plate in CrimeTracer. That ultimately brought me to an Oakland PD report which revealed the same vehicle was used in a carjacking in Oakland, CA a couple weeks prior and the suspect was detained and field interviewed. The detained suspect was ultimately identified as one of the suspects in the Newark robbery and was later arrested.

Andrew Musantry
Detective - Newark Police Department
palo alto police badge

Our Police Department was investigating two misdemeanor sexual battery reports. The sexual battery was pretty egregious, so the investigative services division was assigned to do the follow-up. In both cases, the suspects were partially covered, and because the crime amounted to a misdemeanor, there were limited options for identification. I conducted a word search for similar incidents in [CrimeTracer]. I found five other incidents and one case identified a suspect. Based on the search, I wrote a search warrant for the suspect’s phone and located over 100 videos on the suspect’s phone where he recorded the crimes being committed. The suspect was arrested and convicted in four counties related to this investigation. [CrimeTracer] was essential in this case both for the identification and for linking the cases together for the DA to charge.

Yolanda Clause
Sexual Assault Detective - Palo Alto Police Department
a police badge is shown on a white background

In August of 2021 I was contacted by a detective trying to identify a female who was selling fake gold bars on Craigslist. The detective was contacted by a victim who purchased 12 fake gold bars for $18,000. The only suspect description provided by the victim was a wf.40-45.blo hair driving a black hummer with unk WA plates. I began my search to identify the suspect and within 30 minutes I located a possible match. I started my search with local RMS/CAD programs and came up empty. I then moved on to outside resources and chose to search for black Hummers with unk WA plates through CrimeTracer. I located 1 traffic stop in Oregon from July 2021 in Lincoln County. I continued to research the vehicle and the female associated to the vehicle. I gave all that info to the detective who then confirmed with the victim that it was the correct vehicle and female he had purchased the fake gold bars from. Detectives were able to contact the female and set up a sting operation to purchase 9 gold bars from her. The female traveled to our city from the coast where she was living to meet with a undercover detective who was able to take her in custody.

Jenny Monia
Crime Analyst - Eugene Police Department
the seal of the city of anaheim

I was able to positively identify an armed robbery suspect for a neighboring agency. I saw a crime bulletin that listed pictures of the suspect and his vehicle with a partial plate. I found a possible match of the vehicle. Initial registration check was clean, but using CrimeTracer I was able to find a traffic citation issued to her son. I pulled up his info saw that he was a documented gangster on parole and his mugshot was a match. I contacted the handling detective who was able to write an arrest warrant. He later told me they arrested him the next week with an unregistered gun in his possession.

Scott Eden
Community Policing Team Officer - City of Anaheim
a police badge with the words pacific grove police on it

We responded to a report of an embezzled vehicle, the RP advised that they had let someone borrow their car, and now 24 hours later, the person was refusing to return the vehicle and was asking for $. The RP provided us with a name that sounded fake and the spelling didn’t make sense, but it was all we had to go on besides her physical descriptors. As we expected, no details came up in any of our databases matching this name/person. I took the info that had been provided to CrimeTracer and began searching there. I am new to the system and looking back, there are ways I could have reached the result more quickly, but within 45 minutes, I provided detectives with a match including the most recent photo of the suspect. To get this result, I used the “fuzzy” search function. Since the name the RP provided was spelled in a really odd way and sounded fake, I wasn’t sure it would work but after weeding through all of the “similars” I landed on one that had a more realistic spelling but sounded the same and matched everything. I was able to pull all of the local information including priors for 10851 VC. The vehicle was ultimately returned but it was a great experience learning about the capabilities of the system.

Michaela Basanese
Police Services Technician - Pacific Grove Police Department
a sheriff badge with an eagle on it

I just took the CrimeTracer (formerly COPLINK X) training hosted at my agency on Wednesday 5/4/23. Fast forward to Thursday night (next day), my deputies go out with a stolen truck with two people inside. The truck had been stolen out of Santa Barbara County and had two people sitting inside of it. My deputies had trouble locating a driver’s license match on one of the suspects but did get a match on a restraining order hit. I decided to use the tool I had just learned about the day before and searched his name (robert thomas albert stahl). The exact name combination was matched in a narrative to a report authored by an officer at Escondido P.D in February 2023. A business had been the victim of forgery. An $8,205 check that had been written to another business and mailed. It had been intercepted, washed, and cashed by a person using that exact name. I instructed my deputy to contact Escondido P.D and relay the information we had. Thanks to this search, our suspect was potentially connected to an unsolved check forgery case in another part of the state.

Zach Swift
Sergeant - Monterey County Sheriff's Office
a police badge with the word cypress on it

Officers responded to a call for service of a subject who pulled a knife on the victim during a road rage incident. The suspect threatened to kill the victim and punctured numerous tires. The victim was able to get a partial license plate only, containing 4 characters of a California Temporary License Plate. Utilizing Coplink X, I searched the partial license plate, coupled with using the information about the make and model of the vehicle, and was able to locate a matching vehicle which had multiple contacts, one as recent as 8 days ago. This information led officers to find the vehicle and ultimately apprehend the suspect.

Cassie Olivas
Police Sergeant - Cypress Police Department
a seal beach police patch on a white background

Los Alamitos PD Officers located suspects from a catalytic convertor theft that had just occurred. Upon checking their vehicle, other stolen catalytic convertors were located. One of which was etched with the license plate of the victim’s vehicle. Using CrimeTracer, I searched the license plate and although the license plate was not included in the crime face page, it matched the narrative of a previous catalytic convertor theft report in another city. This allowed me to then contact the victim and determine that he had been victimized again, which allowed us to have a 2nd victim of the crime and get the property back to the proper owner.

Joshua Goldmark
Dispatch Supervisor - Seal Beach Police Department
San Bernardino County Sheriff-logo

I was able to locate a missing person known only as “Peaches” while on patrol in Victorville, CA. I used the advanced search option [in CrimeTracer] and put in all physical descriptors of the subject. Low and behold she was one of the first few entries that returned. Come to find out her first name was actually Peaches and was located in one of the more populated homeless areas. Peaches gave a false name at first, but after seeing a mugshot of her, I was able to verify her. Peaches was safe and was taken out of the missing person data base. Peaches was offered several resources and services to end of cycle of homelessness.

Michael Catalano
Deputy Sheriff - San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department
a sheriff badge on a white background

I had a deputy come on Purple channel looking to check for warrants on a subject, the given subject had a DMV Index number and a compound name, so I decided to check on Coplink X and use the manual merge to obtain all of the subject’s potential birth dates and AKA’s. Through finding the AKA’s on Coplink X, I was able to find all the warrants associated with the subject with different AKA’s and birth dates.

Nahal Bahr
Communications Coordinator II - Orange County Sheriff's Department
a sheriff badge on a white background

Day after training class was able to ID suspect that stole credit cards and used them at Best Buy. Suspect used his reward zone that provided an address. I ran the address on Coplink X and was able to ID suspect right away. About a week later, I responded the theft of a gun investigation. I had a phone number and first name. I ran both and was able to ID the suspect. I arrested the suspect later that day and recovered all stolen property.

Jonathan Trujillo
Orange County Sheriff's Department
the morgan hill police department badge

On 08/04/2023, Home Depot reported a theft of over $1K of copper by two unidentified suspects. My partner and I used CrimeTracer to search the suspect vehicle and learned it had been used in a theft at Lowe’s in a neighboring city. The neighboring agency’s report on CrimeTracer listed the name of a suspect. I found his photograph on CrimeTracer and positively identified him as suspect #1 seen in surveillance footage. Home Depot later provided a possible name for the second suspect. I again used CrimeTracer and located the correct spelling and DOB for suspect #2. His photo also matched. I contacted the neighboring agency to provide the case officer with my found suspect ID as he had an unidentified suspect who seemed to match suspect #2 to a T! Home Depot advised they will move forward with prosecution for MULTIPLE documented thefts involving both suspects.

Jared Granado
Patrol Officer - Morgan Hill Police Department
Salinas police badge

Salinas PD Patrol reached out to me to assist in tracking down a 211 PC suspect. This suspect had been connected to another 211 reported to an agency north of Salinas. Utilizing Flock (ALPR), I was able to determine that over a course of approximately a month, the suspects stole a Blue Cadillac, and periodically would cold plate the Cadi with stolen plates from the bay area. They would commit their crimes utilizing this stolen vehicle. Throughout the series, I was able to use CrimeTracer to tie other agencies into this series whether it was a theft, robbery, or an attempted homicide. The great officers of San Leandro were able to locate and arrest a subject. As a team, we were able to tie in approximately 20 cases over multiple jurisdictions with the help of CrimeTracer.

Michele Houston
Crime Analyst - Salinas Police Department
Salinas police badge

I saw that Marina PD posted a shoplifting case with a blk Hyundai with a partial plate and an image of the suspect leaving the store. I checked Flock (ALPR) and I was able to find the vehicle and license plate. After finding the vehicle, I used CrimeTracer and found this vehicle was associated to a subject who had been cited by another agency in this vehicle. I forwarded this information to Marina PD. I later saw that Marina PD was able to confirm the identification of this vehicle and the suspect.

Michele Houston
Crime Analyst - Salinas Police Department
a sheriff badge is shown on a white background

An agency out of state advised they were in pursuit of a vehicle that was suspected DUI. They terminated their pursuit after they lost sight of the vehicle. I logged into Coplink X and was able to find out who was the driver was. According to Coplink X research, the subject was involved in a vehicle accident the month prior and listed his parents address as where he lived. I then proceeded to his parents address and located the vehicle and engaged in a pursuit. We were then advised by the out of state agency they had probable cause to arrest the driver for felony assault on a police officer 8x. After a lengthy pursuit, the driver was PIT’ed and taken into custody. With out the Coplink X address search, I would not have been able to locate his parents address or the suspect.

Doug Hicks
Deputy - Spokane County Sheriff
a sheriff badge is shown on a white background

Trying to find an abuse and assault 4th degree suspect but we were unable to locate him in our Law Enforcement database since he was not from our area. I jumped on Coplink and searched him and found all of his data. I was able to locate and arrest the individual due to your provided information. Thank you Coplink!

David Bruner
Deputy - Spokane County Sheriff's Office
a police badge with a cactus on it

Used CrimeTracer to assist the embedded clinician on our team to find any police contacts a subject on our list outside of our agency. It worked marvelous and we got all the info needed to continue or follow up with that individual.

Jonathon Quintero
Detective Mental Health Support Team - Mesa Police Department
the city of scottsdale police patch

I recently took a report for a shoplift from a local box hardware store. The store was able to determine who the suspect was based on a related credit card purchase. The vehicle that the suspect left in did NOT match the suspect’s registered vehicles. I used CrimeTracer to conduct a search on the suspect and located a report that the suspect was involved in with a similar type vehicle observed on video. That report contained the vehicle information which gave us the correct vehicle and address to track down the suspect. This would not have been known without a CrimeTracer search as the suspect had no registration ties to the vehicle.

Chris Bush
Investigative Police Aide - Scottsdale Police Department
a kansas city police patch on a white background

I originally did not feel confident with the information provided to me but ended up with a success because of CrimeTracer

Logan Konopasek
Analyst – Kansas City Police Department
a police badge with the word houston on it

I recently got a phone call from the Dallas PD for info on a murder suspect that was supposed to be from Houston. They had his identity and an Instagram but couldn’t find any info on him to verify his identity. We had no history of him in our records even though he did appear to be currently living in Houston. I ran him through CrimeTracer and found a ton of info on him in Kansas and Missouri with a lot of photos of his tattoos that I was able to verify with the photos on his Instagram. Would never have any of that info without CrimeTracer!

Meghan Stepp
Analyst – Houston Police Department
the logo of the county police department

We were able to tie some of our cases here, to cases all the way across the United States… This product does such a good job of linking suspects across jurisdictional boundaries. (See Chief VanHoozer’s Testimonial Video Here.)

Stuart VanHoozer
Chief - Cobb County Police Department
the logo of the county police department

CrimeTracer assisted me with searching our own records when the program was in its infancy. I was able to locate over 500 reports related to an investigation I was working and using CrimeTracer I was able to easily sift through what was important and what was not.

Jeremy Melton
Sergeant – Cobb County Police Department
the logo of the county police department

I greatly appreciate the simplicity of the search functions. CrimeTracers’s searching power is consistently quicker and easier than using the native search function in our agency’s RMS that I stopped searching our records internally and use CrimeTracer to search for our own reports or persons. This has expedited my ability to find data without waiting for our system to maybe return the result I needed, while also searching neighboring agencies and linking me to data that assists our investigations. CrimeTracer is vital to our day-to-day investigations.

Detective Barday
Investigator – Cobb County Police Department
Acworth Police badge

On 12/12/2023 I, Sgt. R. Cantrell, utilized the CrimeTracer software to assist officers who were out with a female that was at the QT on Cobb Pkwy. She had walked from Kennestone Hospital and she was unsure where her sister lived and had no cell phone and no other information than her sister’s name of “Lisa Reed”. I was able to locate a Lisa Reed that was a witness to an assault in Cobb’s jurisdiction where I was able to locate her DOB and find a phone number attached to her Driver’s license. Officer Severtson was then able to make contact with the sister and get the female to a point of safety. Today was my first time utilizing it.

Sgt. Ryan Cantrell
Sergeant - Acworth Police Department
a police badge with an eagle on it

I arrested a man at the Kohl’s located in Murfreesboro on 08/06/22 for active warrants. His wife was unidentified at the time due to not being the subject of the call for service. On 08/08/22 the man’s wife was observed by loss prevention as a suspected shoplifter of over $1,000 worth of merchandise. Using THOR+ I was able to run associations with my male subject who I arrested days before and identify his wife as the suspect of my shoplifting call for service.

Cody Lord
Officer - Murfreesboro Police Department
the department of safety and household security seal

One key aspect of CrimeTracer that made the biggest difference, was the ability to pull up case narratives to compare suspects, vehicles, MO’s, etc. Ultimately, I was able to determine that the suspect(s) and associated criminal enterprise were responsible for thefts in roughly six states spanning across the U.S. from New York to California. The criminal enterprise also had ties overseas. What started as a copper theft will virtually no leads, thanks to CrimeTracer, developed into an international organized crime investigation.

Andrew Cannito
Special Agent - Tennessee Office of Homeland Security
the tennessee bureau of investigation seal

I recently received information from a Cooperating Source (CS) regarding an individual bringing narcotics into the region. The CS did not have a lot of detail, but provided small pieces of information that was unique, such as the Subject once lived in California and owns a specific transport company. By plugging in the vague pieces of information into the advanced search window, I was able to get solid intelligence on who the source may be. Then, by using the “Associate” search filter, I was able to locate other addresses, vehicles, and individuals the suspect was associated with, which help corroborate the information provided by the CS.

Nick Anderson
Special Agent - Tennessee Bureau of Investigation
the tennessee bureau of investigation seal

I use CrimeTracer daily! It is user friendly which makes it very easy to navigate. The filtering capability is the best feature in my opinion. The capability of searching a random item and filtering it down with anything you can think of is great! It has been beneficial in many ways and assisted in locating things that may have not been located otherwise. I look forward to utilizing every feature it has in the future as well.

Rebekah Burke
Intelligence Analyst
a sheriff badge on a white background

I conducted numerous search warrants for the sale of narcotics and have large amounts of cash seizures to show for it.

Ralph Cardwell
Claiborne County, TN
a gold police badge with a eagle on it

On 10/19/21 I used THOR plus while listening to Trooper Long, 7735, stopping at an abandoned vehicle on I40 in Dickson County. He was working TDOT overtime on I40 in Dickson County. About a mile west of the vehicle he encountered a male and female walking. Using THOR, I looked at the background of the driver and passenger. Trooper Long had carried them to the pilot station at Dickson to get gas. He questioned the female from the information I had obtained from THOR Plus and she stated that there was narcotics in the abandoned vehicle. Trp. Long was assisted by a Nashville unit and conducted a vehicle search. According to the cad, they seized a Toyota Tacoma, $866 in cash, and approx. 460 grams of meth. I told Trp Long after the fact that I would assist him in learning how to and use THOR.

Aaron Ranker
Trooper - Tennessee Highway Patrol - Nashville
a franklin police patch on a black background

On 12-20-2021 I received a report of a stolen vehicle with a time frame of September 2021 and December 2021. I conducted a search of the VIN through ThorPlus and discovered that the vehicle was involved in a Hit and Run accident on 12-9-2012 and was in the Metro Nashville Impound lot. This discovery resulted in this case not having to be assigned to a detective and thus freeing them up to work on other cases. The victim was also able to make arrangements through the recovering agency to retrieve their vehicle.

Jack Morgan
Sergeant - Franklin Police Department
a franklin police patch on a black background

On 2-3-2022 a patrol officer responded to a shoplifting report at Home Depot. The suspects noticed the officer and abandoned their plans to commit the crime. The officer was able to identify the female through her vehicle registration. He located her Facebook page and had a tentative ID of the male subject as “Joe Taylor”. I took the information and utilized ThorPlus to conduct an “associates search to the known female and was able to positively identify the male subject. It was later learned that the male subject had committed numerous thefts from Home Depot and now that he is identified the business is proceeding with prosecution in those.

Jack Morgan
Sergeant - Franklin Police Department
a franklin police patch on a black background

I recently completed a background investigation for a lateral police officer applicant. Thanks to Thor+Coplink, I located multiple traffic citations, “FI cards”, and an arrest. These incidents occurred out of state and with a different driver’s license. Half of the records had already been purged by the issuing department and would not have been discovered if not for Thor+Coplink. Thanks for providing me to the tools to ensure that only the best join our ranks!

Daniel Ogilvie
Franklin Police Department
a blue seal with an eagle and an american flag

Investigators were attempting to locate a subject who had recently moved; the subject had no updated information. CrimeTracer queries resulted in returns showing the subject had recently been contacted in another state. The report narrative provided a new address and phone number for the subject. Investigators were able to locate and contact the subject based on the information in CrimeTracer.

Tracy Fredrickson
Analyst - JRIC
a franklin police patch on a black background

Working a CC Fraud case(2022000103) and the item purchased fraudulently was shipped to an address in Clarksville, TN. So by posting the reports with the narrative helped determine my suspect was not my suspect after all. She thought she was working for a legit business that she applied to online.

Samantha Brooks
Investigator - Franklin Police Department
the city of red bank logo

Our investigators had sent a departmental BOLO regarding an aggravated burglary suspect who had been captured on a Ring doorbell camera. Using still images of the suspect, I was able to speak with neighbors in the area to attempt to identify them. Neighbors were unable to give me a name of the person, but provided a possible residence where the suspect had been seen frequenting. I was able to use quick CrimeTracer search to check associated names to the address and find a subject who matched the description of this person and then, using a recent booking photo, positively identify them as the suspect in the aggravated burglaries.

Ian Morrow
Patrol - Red Bank Police Department
a sheriff badge is shown on a white background

I work as an SRO in Tennessee and have three students who have not attended school in almost 30 days. All of the contact information the school had on file was incorrect. The Guidance Counselor told me the father told her he was stuck in Ohio on Jan 20th and that was the last contact they had. I used CrimeTracer to see if I could maybe find any contact information. To my surprise, I see the Chattanooga PD had contact with the father and grandmother five days ago. With this new information found on CrimeTracer, I had the father’s current address and phone number. I was even able to get the CPD to conduct a welfare check of the children. Everyone was safe, and the kids will be back in school on 2/22/22.

AJ Girardot
SRO - Hamilton County Sheriff Office
a police badge with the words east ridge police on it
On January 5, 2024, I received an email asking for assistance with identifying a suspect in a photo. In one of the photos, was a partial registration minus the first digit. Knowing the first digit has to be a letter, checking current registration in the state of the registration, I did not find a matching vehicle with that registration.

I begin the same process in THOR+ [powered by CrimeTracer]. I located a vehicle matching the vehicle in the photo. Then a crash report involving the vehicle from 2015. This gave me a registered owner and address. A check of the address identified about five people, the owner and two young males with birthdates that were consistent with the male in the picture. A check of a state-issued driver’s license gave me the identity of the suspect. Another success story for the records.

David Burgess
Patrol Sgt. - East Ridge Police Department
a police badge with the words east ridge police on it

A business owner reported that someone drove off without paying for the complete food order. The suspect made a call-in order which left a phone number. I was able to look up the suspect via the phone number and solve the crime. After the work was done, the business owner did not want to press charges.

David Burgess
Delta Team Sergeant - East Ridge Police Department
a franklin police patch on a black background

While preparing for a second degree murder trial stemming from a fentanyl overdose, the defense attempted to make the state believe a witness for the state was going to “be destroyed” by the defendant’s ex-girlfriend. The defense provided a name for the ex-girlfriend and the city she lived in. Using this technology, I was able to locate the witnesses’ information and speak with her on the phone. This technology was the only place I found a good phone number for her in multiple databases. Being able to speak with her was very important during trial prep.

Robert Dilworth
Sergeant - Franklin Police Department
the city of red bank logo

Two white males stole $1500.00 worth of tires from American 4WD and Outfitters in Red Bank, Tn. After viewing the surveillance video of the theft we were able to identify one of the suspects. Upon researching the suspect’s information through CrimeTracer, I was able to find a field interview conducted by another agency involving the suspect and another individual. Upon researching the second individual’s information through CrimeTracer, I was able to determine he was the second male in the surveillance video stealing the tires with the initial suspect. Both individuals have been charged with the theft and arrested.

Derek McCoy
Investigator - Red Bank Police Department
a blue and yellow patch with the words berry hill police on it

During a hit and run crash investigation, having only an out of state name with no DOB, I was able to locate the owner’s DOB and driver of the vehicle involved that fled the scene, based on previous information entered into CrimeTracer and link him back to the accident. Without a DOB which I obtained from CrimeTracer we wouldn’t have located the correct person.

Spencer Kevin
Dispatch - Berry Hill Police Department
Lowell PD badge

On 2/24/24, there was a stabbing which resulted in the victim being medflighted. CrimeTracer allowed me to search using only the suspect’s street name. After narrowing it down to just MASS agencies, we were able to identify him from a Chelsea mass report.

Steve Dalessandro
Detective - Lowell Police Department
Lowell PD badge

In investigating an assault by dangerous weapon case, we had no mugshot of the suspect and his license photo was old. CrimeTracer had a new mugshot of him from another department that we used in an array and the victim selected him. charges to follow. Thanks!

Steve Dalessandro
Detective - Lowell Police Department
Ludlow Police badge
Our Department was investigating an armed robbery that was associated with a Facebook Marketplace transaction. We had identified a suspect having a potential first and last name only. Using CrimeTracer we were able to fully identify the suspect, review reports showing he had been involved in this same crime in the past, and associate the subject with a traffic ticket he had received driving an acquaintance’s car in the neighboring town. With this information we were then able to place the car at the crime scene with LPR cameras and locate the subject and the vehicle at the registered owner’s address. Without CrimeTracer, we would have not been able to fully identify the subject, know about his related activity, link the subject to that vehicle and link the vehicle to the crime scene.
David Kornacki
Detective Lieutenant - Ludlow MA Police Department

*Forensic Logic was acquired by ShotSpotter in early 2022.

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