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Corporate security professionals, faced with the growing concern of workplace violence in commercial settings, are encountering a set of unique challenges in maintaining facility safety:

  • Traditional security checks causing long queues can hinder the smooth functioning of commercial operations and negatively impact employee and client satisfaction.
  • The increase in workplace incidents necessitates robust public safety measures that don’t compromise the comfort and experience of employees and clients in corporate spaces.
  • In high-stakes situations like active shooter events, the availability of integrated video footage for immediate analysis is essential, a feature often missing in conventional security systems.
  • While corporate settings often have “no firearm” zones, it is challenging to identify visitors or employees who might be carrying weapons and pose a threat. Reducing false alarms is key in corporate settings to avoid panic, ensuring security systems only respond to genuine threats.
  • Most metal detectors and similar systems have active sensors, posing risks to individuals with medical devices like pacemakers. Additionally, many of these systems have narrow lanes that can’t accommodate wheelchairs.
  • Commercial entities prioritize efficient, economical security solutions, seeking systems that minimize the need for extensive staffing to reduce operational expenses.
  • Integrating an outside vendor cloud-based system into an existing IT system can be daunting and full of internal processes and procedures.

In today’s corporate world, where safeguarding against workplace violence is increasingly critical, an advanced weapons detection system is key to maintaining both security and a positive work environment.

This article delves into SafePointe™, a solution specifically designed for corporate needs. We’ll explore how SafePointe adeptly meets the challenges faced in commercial spaces, focusing on its ability to discreetly identify potential threats, reduce operational disruptions, and enhance crisis management through its innovative features, thus contributing to a safer and more efficient workplace.

Note: SoundThinking’s SafePointe weapons detection system was built to solve all the pain points listed above. You can read about it in detail below or reach out to our sales team to learn more about how it can help improve security operations at your hospital or healthcare facility.

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SafePointe Weapons Detection System

The SafePointe Weapons Detection System is a sophisticated AI-based solution, ideal for seamless and discreet security screening in corporate environments. It’s engineered to accurately identify weapon-carrying individuals with minimal false alarms. Suitable for busy settings, SafePointe can process up to a remarkable 7,200 people per hour in each lane. It features non-intrusive, passive sensors, ensuring compatibility with a variety of visitor needs, including those with medical devices. Economically advantageous, SafePointe reduces the need for additional security personnel, demonstrating its cost-effectiveness and operational efficiency in enhancing corporate security infrastructure.

Key Feature # 1: Streamlining Corporate Workflow with High-Speed Screening

In the corporate sector, where every second impacts productivity and revenue, SafePointe’s rapid screening contributes significantly to overall facility safety by efficiently managing visitor flow. Capable of processing up to 7,200 individuals per hour per lane, it dramatically outperforms traditional metal detectors that often become choke points with their limited throughput.


Envision a day with back-to-back meetings, a significant product launch, or a major client visit. In these scenarios, any delay at entry points is not just an inconvenience but a direct business impediment. SafePointe’s swift screening ensures fluid entry, preventing bottlenecks that could disrupt key business operations or executive schedules. This efficiency is vital in maintaining business rhythm and demonstrates SafePointe’s alignment with the fast-paced demands of modern corporate environments.

Key Feature #2: Subtle Weapons Detection for Corporate Security Enhancement

SafePointe revolutionizes corporate security with its unobtrusive design, a stark contrast to traditional, more visible metal detectors. Its installation, either as low-profile bollards or integrated seamlessly within the existing infrastructure, ensures it blends into the corporate landscape without drawing attention.

a concrete building with a walkway leading to it

Consider a scenario in a dynamic corporate setting or a bustling business center. Here, the presence of SafePointe doesn’t interrupt the flow of activities. Employees and visitors can move about freely, uninhibited by overt security protocols. This subtlety in SafePointe’s design means robust security is in place, yet it remains invisible in daily operations, contributing to a professional, undisturbed business atmosphere and reinforcing both safety and operational fluidity.

Key Feature #3: Efficient, Video-Enhanced Alerts for Corporate Security and Investigations

SafePointe’s integration of video-enhanced alerts represents a significant leap in facility safety. Its system delivers categorized alerts, complete with video footage, to the security team within just ten seconds of detecting a potential threat.

a person holding a cell phone in their hand

The technology extends beyond simple detection, offering real-time intelligence crucial for immediate decision-making. SafePointe’s ‘human in the loop’ approach ensures that threats are not only detected but also analyzed and categorized swiftly, providing security teams with the information needed for rapid and informed responses that optimize safety in a corporate setting.

Moreover, the ability to capture and relay video footage in real time is invaluable for both immediate security responses and subsequent investigations. This feature is essential in a corporate environment where evidence-based decision-making and accountability are key. The integration of video enhances SafePointe’s effectiveness as a comprehensive security solution, adding a security layer that helps protect from threats but is also equipped with the tools necessary for post-incident analysis and legal documentation.

Key Feature #4: Economic and Independent Operation for Corporate Security

SafePointe’s advanced Magnetic Moment sensor technology is a cornerstone of its cost-efficiency and autonomous functioning, making it an optimal choice for mitigating workplace violence in corporate environments and promoting facility safety. Utilizing sophisticated algorithms and a vast weapon signature database, the system intelligently distinguishes between actual threats and innocuous objects. This AI-driven operation runs independently, significantly reducing the need for continuous on-site monitoring typical in traditional security setups, and is further enhanced by expert oversight from remote analysts, combining technological precision with human discernment.

In the varied landscape of corporate security needs, where traditional, staff-dependent systems may fall short, SafePointe offers uninterrupted, around-the-clock surveillance. This consistent vigilance is critical in corporate settings, assuring not only compliance with stringent security protocols but also instilling a sense of security and confidence across the organization.

Key Feature #5: Enhanced Accuracy and Minimal False Positives for Corporate Security

SafePointe’s AI-enhanced detection offers a pivotal solution for corporate risk mitigation. With its exceptionally low false alarms, bolstered by a database of over 14 million weapon signatures, SafePointe epitomizes advanced threat assessment. This technological sophistication ensures that regular business activities, like crucial meetings or high-profile client interactions, remain undisturbed, supporting uninterrupted business continuity.


Imagine a scenario in a corporate office where employees routinely carry laptops and phones. Traditional systems will often erroneously flag these as security threats, causing business disruptions and potential reputational harm. SafePointe, however, discerns between genuine threats and everyday items, upholding a secure, professional environment. This not only enhances the safety of the corporate facility but also aligns with stringent corporate policies and regulatory compliance, ensuring that security procedures dovetail seamlessly with business operations and legal obligations.

Key Feature #6: Safe and Non-Intrusive Technology for Corporate Security

SafePointe’s integration of Magnetic Moment sensors, which are passive, differentiates it from traditional active metal detectors. This feature makes it exceptionally suitable for diverse corporate environments, ensuring safety for all individuals, including those with specific health considerations such as medical implants. By employing this non-intrusive technology, SafePointe provides a robust security tool while upholding the well-being of employees and visitors, a critical aspect of creating a secure yet accommodating corporate atmosphere. Additionally, the non-intrusive nature of the bollards ensures that it’s easy for individuals in wheelchairs to pass through, which is not the case for traditional metal detectors with restrictive, narrow lanes.

Key Feature #7: Cost-Effectiveness for Corporate Financial Strategy

SafePointe’s low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is crucial for corporate financial planning, particularly for those managing tight budgets. Its cost-effectiveness is enhanced by its autonomous operation, reducing the need for a large security staff. SoundThinking further supports budgetary needs by offering SafePointe on a flexible, subscription-based model with options for varying terms. This approach aligns with the financial strategies of corporations, offering a technologically advanced yet financially sensible solution for modern corporate security challenges.

Key Feature #8: System Functions Independently of Your Primary Network

Although the SP system can seamlessly integrate with your VMS or other security platforms, its intentional design ensures it remains separate from your network— a feature highly appreciated by IT professionals. Our AI system and sensors are linked to and transmit alerts via the Cloud, utilizing a web portal interface or a smartphone app.

A Checklist for Assessing a Weapons Detection System

  1. Verify the system’s capability to handle high foot traffic typical in corporate settings, ensuring minimal congestion and maintaining smooth business operations.
  2. Does the system integrate seamlessly with existing corporate security strategies and technologies, ensuring a holistic approach to safety?
  3. Check if the system offers real-time, video-enhanced alerts that provide actionable intelligence for quick response, crucial for corporate environments where rapid and informed decision-making is key.
  4. Assess if the system supports streamlined, unmanned operations that align with corporate efficiency goals and reduce the need for extensive security staffing.
  5. Determine the system’s accuracy and its effectiveness in reducing false positives, which is essential for maintaining a professional corporate environment without unnecessary disruptions.
  6. Confirm that the sensors are passive and comply with corporate health and safety standards, ensuring the well-being of all, including those with specific health conditions.
  7. Evaluate whether the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) fits within the broader financial strategy of the company, and if the payment models offer the flexibility needed for corporate budget planning.
  8. Determine if the system functions independently of your primary network.

Enhancing Corporate Security with SafePointe: The Optimal Choice

In an era where robust corporate security is not just a preference but a necessity, SafePointe distinguishes itself as the premier solution for businesses seeking advanced threat detection and comprehensive facility safety. Its sophisticated technology, specifically designed for high-traffic corporate settings, addresses the need for operational efficiency while maintaining a conducive workplace environment. SafePointe is instrumental in mitigating workplace violence risks, providing a security solution that blends seamlessly into the corporate landscape, safeguarding both employees and visitors without intruding on the business environment.

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