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The American Rescue Act Can Help Fund Important Technology

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Federal Funds Available for Gunshot Detection to Make Communities Safer

As the U.S. recovers from COVID-19, gun crime is surging to historically high levels. Recognizing the urgent need, lawmakers approved a historic $350 billion stimulus for states, cities and counties as part of the American Rescue Plan Act. Of the $350 billion, 57 percent is allocated to states and 35 percent to local governments.

To address gun violence, the White House is providing $2.1 billion, including $401 million in state and local grants.

Federal Distribution of Funds

With half of the relief funds already distributed to state and local governments, many law enforcement agencies are taking the opportunity to fund technologies, such as gunshot detection, to address the sharp increase in gun violence.

City, County and State ARPA Funding Allocation

Gunshot Statistics

A surprising fact is that gunfire is severely under reported − more than 80% of incidents are not reported. As a result, eight out of ten times that someone fires a gun, the police don’t know about it and can’t respond. This can erode the community’s confidence.

Identifying Gunshot Incidents is Critical

With ShotSpotter®, police become aware of essentially all gunshot incidents. The technology detects, locates and alerts police to gunfire in less than 60 seconds using a network of acoustic sensors across a coverage area. This enables a new normal where police can provide a consistent, rapid, and precise response to aid victims, collect evidence, and better serve their communities.


According to a recent study by the Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery, shorter prehospital time in patients sustaining penetrating trauma has been shown to be associated with improved survival. Timely police response and transport (vs. Emergency Medical Services [EMS]) shortens transport times to a trauma center, thus saving lives. ShotSpotter alerts were proven to save an average of 3.5 minutes for both police and EMS. Watch this video to learn more.

Consistent Detection and Response Lead to Lower Gun Violence.

Police response to gunfire acts as a strong deterrent to violent crime. It improves community relations as officers show up reliably to attend to incidents, and that in turn prompts community partners to take action for the safety of their neighborhoods.

Many of SoundThinking’s™ customers saw an average of 30% decrease in violent crime in persistent crime hotspot areas. With results like this, it doesn’t take long for perceptions to change, reflecting increased trust in law enforcement to protect and serve local communities.

How to Access the Funds

SoundThinking can help you navigate the critical steps necessary with your local administration and elected officials to secure federal funding as you continue to protect your community.

  • SoundThinking’s funding experts can research your city’s allocations and keep you up to date on U.S. Department of Treasury disbursement of funds.
  • We can be your best advocate by preparing your application, compiling data to support your request, and gaining the support of local government and non-government partners.

To learn more about how to leverage SoundThinking’s SafetySmart Platform to keep your community safe, please get in touch with us.