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Security professionals tasked with protecting casinos, hospitals, corporate locations, and higher education institutions consider Evolv alternatives when evaluating weapons detection systems because of the following realities:

  • As “no firearm” zones, it is a challenge to accurately identify visitors, patrons, and employees who may be armed and pose a potential threat.
  • While gun violence is a prevalent problem, public safety remains a higher priority than ever. With that said, visitor experience is essential too — when people approach a metal detector or weapon screening setup, especially when it’s unexpected, it can create a sense of unease.
  • Security departments need an efficient and accurate public safety solution that is also cost-effective. A typical metal detector can require up to two to five individuals to operate: this can significantly eat into the budget, which is particularly problematic for places like hospitals, which are looking to reduce non-provider costs.
  • Security systems that generate frequent false alarms cause more than just a minor inconvenience. They strain resources, cause unnecessary panic, and potentially divert attention from real threats — and many systems on the market currently struggle to differentiate between everyday items and potential threats.
  • Metal detectors often result in long queues, which can negatively impact the visitor’s experience and slow down facility operations.
  • In an active shooter event or other crisis event, it’s critically important to have video footage available of the event to assist in the investigative follow-up — but many metal detectors lack this feature.

Note: SoundThinking’s SafePointe™ weapons detection system was built to solve all the pain points listed above. You can read about it in detail below or reach out to our sales team to learn more about how it can help improve security operations at your casino, hospital, corporate location, or school.

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Evolv Technology is a weapons detection security screening company founded in 2013 in Waltham, MA. Evolv pioneered and developed a touchless security screening system that uses digital sensors and artificial intelligence to detect threats.


Evolv Technology has two main solutions: Evolv Express® and Evolv Extend™. Evolv Express is a weapons detection system that screens individuals at an ingress point, similar to traditional metal detectors. According to Evolv, Evolv Express allows for a faster, more efficient threat screening experience vs. traditional metal detectors.

Evolv Extend is a detection solution that the company claims can identify individuals brandishing guns at distances up to 100 feet.

What Are the Leading Evolv Technology Alternatives? 

While many companies and organizations have deployed Evolv Technology as part of their security solution, it may not be the best fit for every situation.

In this post, we’ll introduce some Evolv alternatives and specifically dive into SoundThinking’s SafePointe state-of-the-art weapons detection technology. Further, we’ll walk through the critical features that make it a compelling Evolv alternative and standout choice for institutions prioritizing both safety and user experience.

Evolv Alternative #1: SafePointe


For security departments grappling with the challenges of public safety in high-traffic areas, the optimal solution is a concealed weapons detection system that conducts rigorous security screening without compromising the visitor experience.

Key Feature # 1: Concealed Weapons Detection System Upholds Public Safety While Blending Seamlessly into the Environment 

Unlike traditional metal detector systems and Evolv Express which are highly visible and stand front and center as a patron walks in, the SafePointe concealed system is typically deployed in the form of non-descript bollards that seamlessly integrate into the environment.

a man standing outside of a building with a clock on the front of it

For example, in a bustling casino, patrons can walk into the venue freely, enjoying their experience without the looming presence of overt security measures. The discreet nature of SafePointe provides a public safety layer without sacrificing ambiance or visitor comfort.

Key Feature # 2: An Unmanned Weapons Detection System That Saves Money While Upholding Rigorous Public Safety Standards


Unlike traditional metal detectors and Evolv Express, which can require up to two to five individuals to operate, SafePointe’s unmanned weapons detection solution, stands out for its low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Further enhancing its economic appeal, SoundThinking offers a subscription-based payment system, available over three or five-year terms.

How Does SafePointe Work?

  • Functions Unmanned
    SafePointe is built using a unique sensor technology called Magnetic Moment, which includes advanced algorithms and a vast database of weapon signatures. Its sensors detect the magnetic signature of objects differentiating between potential threats and benign objects. Its AI-driven approach enables it to function without needing personnel to constantly monitor the entry points, as is the case with traditional detectors.  The SafePointe system augments the AI with a “human in the loop” in remote monitoring centers.
  • Economic Benefits
    The absence of the need for multiple personnel directly translates to significant cost savings. Institutions can redirect these resources to other crucial areas. Furthermore, SafePointe’s competitive Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and its flexible three- or five-year lease-based payment options make it economically appealing.
  • Uninterrupted Coverage
    Traditional manned systems, while effective during peak times, can be vulnerable outside of peak hours. Imagine a scenario in a school: there may be a strong security presence at the start of the school day, what happens during less busy periods? If a threat enters the premises when no one is monitoring, say at 11:00 AM, the consequences can be dire. SafePointe’s 24/7 monitoring ensures that there are no gaps in security, always providing institutions with peace of mind.
  • Passive Sensors for Increased Safety
    SafePointe’s Magnetic Moment sensors are passive, not active like metal detectors and other weapons detection systems. This makes SafePointe a completely safe option for individuals with medical devices such as implants and pacemakers, as well as for pregnant women and children. Moreover, the unobtrusive design of the bollards allows for smooth passage for individuals in wheelchairs and gurneys, a feature lacking in conventional metal detectors with constrictive, narrow pathways.Furthermore, Magnetic Moment sensors can accurately detect a weapon on a wheelchair or a gurney, a critical feature given that weapons passing through ambulance bays have become a nationwide problem. This capability also serves as a critical differentiator distinguishing SafePointe from competitors, given that Evolv and other systems aren’t wide enough to accommodate wheelchairs or gurneys, or they lack the ability to distinguish wheelchairs and gurneys from weapons, increasing the likelihood that unauthorized weapons pass through these openings.

Key Feature # 3: Low Rate of False Positives Ensures Public Safety 


Unlike metal detectors that may report high rates of false positives, SafePointe has consistently maintained an impressively low false positive rate.

SafePointe stands out in the realm of security technology with its AI-driven approach.

Harnessing a vast database of over 14 million weapon signatures, the system is extraordinary in its depth of knowledge. This extensive database is not static; the SafePointe AI/ML is designed to continuously learn and adapt. As threats evolve and new weapon types emerge, the system updates its knowledge, ensuring that it remains at the forefront of threat detection. This continuous learning capability, combined with its already expansive database, ensures that SafePointe adeptly differentiates between genuine threats and everyday items, minimizing false alarms and maximizing public safety.

Key Feature #4: Up to 20x Faster than Standard Metal Detectors with No Disruption of Visitor Flow 


Traditional metal detectors have been estimated to screen 300-400 people/hour, depending on the venue, situation, and other factors. Evolv Technology claims its Evolv Express solution can screen up to 4000 people/hour, a big improvement vs. traditional metal detectors.

These solutions can result in long queues, frustrated visitors, and inefficient security operations. The SafePointe system, by contrast, can screen up to 7200 patrons every hour, more than 20x faster than traditional metal detectors and almost 2x faster than Evolv Express, depending on the use case and current security resources available.

Again, these performance characteristics and outcomes are dependent on the unique situation of each location. But the main point remains: the key to SafePointe’s efficiency is its free-flow screening technology, which ensures a touchless and seamless passage for visitors.

This benefit is twofold.

  1. For visitors, the experience of entering a facility becomes more pleasant. There’s no need to stop, empty pockets, or remove belts. They simply walk through, free from the usual anxieties associated with traditional security checks.
  2. For security personnel, the process becomes more streamlined. SafePointe’s capacity to up to 7200 patrons per hour means they can manage larger crowds more effectively, ensuring no compromise on safety.

When compared to competitors like Evolv Express, which can only screen up to 4,000 people per hour – more than a 40% difference – SafePointe’s advantage becomes even more evident.

Key Feature #5: Categorized Alert with Related Video to Improve Investigative Follow-Up

Unlike traditional metal detector systems, which lack video capability, SafePointe’s system launches a categorized alert with related video to the customer security team in six to ten seconds.


SafePointe’s approach to security is not just about weapons detection, it’s about providing actionable intelligence in near real-time. When a potential threat is identified, the system sends more than a generic alert. It categorizes the threat based on the SafePointe human analysts’ review (i.e., “human in the loop”), giving security teams a clearer picture of what they might be dealing with. This categorization can be invaluable in prioritizing responses.

Most importantly, video footage captures portions of the event as it unfolds. This means that security personnel can assess the situation, making informed decisions about how to respond. This footage becomes an essential tool for any subsequent investigation, providing evidence of the event and aiding in legal proceedings and reviews. In a world where every second counts during a security breach, having such detailed information can be the difference between a swift, effective response and a potentially chaotic situation.

Other Evolv Alternatives

Evolv Alternative #2: Xtract One Technologies


Xtract One Technologies is a technology-driven threat detection and security solution leveraging AI to provide secure patron access control experiences. Xtract One is a direct competitor to Evolv, as the two are weapons detection systems highly focused on the sporting arena and entertainment venue space — locations that have high-volume traffic for limited periods of time.

Evolv Alternative #3: Athena Security 


Powered by CEIA OPENGATE, the Athena Security weapons detection system is made up of an HD active walkthrough metal detection and induction lidar, and also includes a visual camera, artificial intelligence technologies, a controller tablet, and a monitor tablet. The system is faster than a typical airport or courthouse scanner, but also less sensitive, meaning it’s less likely to false alarm on something like a belt buckle but also less likely to detect a weapon.

Checklist for Assessing Best Evolv Alternatives

  1. Does the system provide concealed weapons detection that upholds public safety while seamlessly integrating into the environment?
  2. How many personnel does the system require, and what is its Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)? Are there flexible payment options available? Are the sensors passive and safe from a health perspective?
  3. Does the system have a track record of high accuracy with minimal false positives?
  4. Can the system handle high traffic efficiently without causing bottlenecks?
  5. Does the system provide real-time categorized alerts with video footage for immediate and subsequent assessment?


In a world where security is paramount, organizations need to consider Evolv alternatives and conduct due diligence to determine the best weapons detection system to fit their specific needs and situation. SafePointe provides an optimal balance between advanced threat detection, flexibility, cost-efficiency, and a seamless visitor experience. With its state-of-the-art technology and proven track record in various high-traffic facilities, SafePointe stands out as the go-to choice for modern, efficient, and accurate security screening.

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