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Investigative teams may seek alternatives to Kaseware when assessing case management systems due to essential considerations such as:

  • Secure and Compliant Data Management: The problem with many case management tools is the difficulty in balancing data accessibility with security compliance. Many products prioritize one or the other, but not both. A good software solution should maintain accessibility while adhering to the highest security standards.
  • Integration with a Law Enforcement Data Management System: Investigative teams need to have the ability to easily search for and generate high-quality leads, and then to track and prioritize case assignments as needed. With SoundThinking’s integration between its CrimeTracer law enforcement data management system as well as the CaseBuilder case management system, these two critical investigative components work together seamlessly.
  • User-Friendly Reporting: While several platforms provide access to extensive data, they often lack reporting capabilities, making them data-rich but insights-poor. Good software should not only provide extensive data but also a means to effectively report on it.
  • Comprehensive and Ethical Data Sourcing: Ethical concerns and privacy issues are prevalent when sourcing data. Many tools compromise on ethical standards or legal compliance, including sources such as social media, which may potentially jeopardize the integrity of investigations. The best software should offer comprehensive data sourcing while strictly adhering to ethical and legal standards.
  • Adaptability and Customization: Customization in case management tools is crucial, but some platforms overcomplicate it, resulting in a steep learning curve and reduced usability. The ideal solution offers significant adaptability, and customization while maintaining user-friendliness no matter the investigative use case.

This article explores how the optimal case management software surpasses these common hurdles, offering a solution that is both comprehensive and user-centric.

Note: SoundThinking’s CaseBuilder™ case management platform was built to solve all the pain points listed above. You can read about it in detail below or reach out to our sales team to learn more about how it can help investigate and solve crimes.

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Kaseware is a cloud-based case management software platform that helps law enforcement agencies, corporate security teams, and government entities manage complex investigations. It provides a central repository for all case-related information, including evidence, reports, interviews, and social media data.


The platform is known for integrating various data sources, including social media and the dark web, as well as third-party tools like ShadowDragon. This has raised questions about privacy and ethical data sourcing concerning the technology. Rudimentary tools for interpreting data have also called into question the real-world efficacy of the platform.

What are the Leading Kaseware Alternatives?

In this article, we’ll examine alternatives to Kaseware, highlighting SoundThinking’s CaseBuilder as a standout option. We’ll detail how its key features, including security, user-friendliness, and data sourcing make it a superior choice for law enforcement agencies seeking effective and efficient case management.


For law enforcement agencies facing complex investigation challenges, CaseBuilder is an ideal choice. The cloud-based system enables agencies to better capture, track, analyze and collaborate on investigations enabling them to be more efficient and effective.

Differentiator #1: Secure and Compliant Data Management

CaseBuilder maintains the highest security standards by strictly adhering to Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS) security policies and US Code 28-CFR Part 23 regulations. This is especially evident with features like its Confidential Informant Management dashboard, which ensures accountability and transparency in data handling by isolating sensitive data and employing stringent controls such as robust authentication, encryption, and a comprehensive audit trail. This secure and compliant data management approach offers significant benefits to investigators, ensuring peace of mind while maintaining necessary data accessibility for efficient investigations.


Consider a real-world investigation involving organized crime at a correctional facility. As a source of vital information, prison informants are key; at the same time, investigators are obligated under federal law to ensure the utmost confidentiality of informant dossiers to protect their identity and safety. By using CaseBuilder, investigators benefit from a system that securely manages and restricts access to informant information, ensuring the integrity of their investigation. The result? A safer prison for officers and inmates.

Differentiator # 2: Integration with a Law Enforcement Data Management Platform

It’s critically important that agencies can easily search for and generate high-quality leads, and then track and prioritize case assignments as needed. Thanks to SoundThinking’s integration between its CaseBuilder and CrimeTracer solutions, this is a much more seamless process.

For example, In the event of a gun crime investigation, CaseBuilder can automatically import NIBIN leads, enabling command staff to easily prioritize and track leads as they come in. Additionally, tactical leads generated from CrimeTracer’s robust search capabilities can also be imported into CaseBuilder with one click.

Importing a CrimeTracer lead into CaseBuilder – 10-second overview 

Then, once all these high-quality leads are assembled in CaseBuilder, it becomes that much easier for investigative teams to track and prioritize assignments and keep investigations moving forward.


Capture everything in one place

Differentiator #3: Organized Management and User-Friendly Reporting

In the daily hustle of major investigations, officers deal with a variety of data types, from 9-1-1 calls and audio recordings to surveillance footage, reports, public records, photos, documents, and so much more. CaseBuilder’s case management system simplifies the complex task of managing this diverse data by effectively collating, organizing, and storing data, making it easy for agencies to track and prioritize leads, easy collation, organization, and storage in a secure case management system.


Organize instantly – Case Chronology list. 

Consider the scenario of a multi-agency task force investigating a series of interconnected gun-related crimes across different jurisdictions. With CaseBuilder’s advanced analytics capabilities, investigators can swiftly identify trends and patterns, accelerating the resolution process and enhancing the accuracy of their findings. By alleviating the complexities of data management and compiling everything all in one place, CaseBuilder enables law enforcement professionals to focus on the work at hand, rather than wasting precious time toggling between siloed applications.


Solve cases faster: quickly gain insights with link analysis to connect seemingly unrelated events.

Differentiator #4: Comprehensive and Ethical Data Sourcing

CaseBuilder is renowned for its comprehensive and ethical data sourcing, a crucial feature for modern law enforcement. The platform’s integration with CrimeTracer provides access to over 1.3 billion records from more than 2,500 agencies, illustrating its extensive data reach. This is coupled with a strong commitment to ethical sourcing practices, ensuring all data complies with legal and ethical standards. Such a vast and responsibly sourced data pool significantly enhances the scope and depth of investigations, enabling officers to access everything from detailed incident narratives to extensive background data, crucial for solving complex cases.

Imagine a hypothetical scenario where a law enforcement agency investigates a cross-state drug trafficking operation. In this situation, CaseBuilder’s and CrimeTracer’s ethical data sourcing would be instrumental in collating diverse data types, such as traffic stop reports and inter-agency narcotics databases, while ensuring compliance with legal standards. CaseBuilder and CrimeTracer’s capability to provide such a comprehensive array of ethically sourced data would be vital in not only analyzing trafficking patterns but also efficiently piecing together the operation’s network, and effectively disrupting the trafficking chain.

Differentiator #5: Adaptability and Customized Modules Suited for Many Uses


CaseBuilder sets itself apart in the case management software market through its exceptional adaptability and customization capabilities. This flexibility is key in striking the perfect balance between configurable features and user-friendliness. One such arena where CaseBuilder offers specialization is in gun crime. CaseBuilder is integrated with ShotSpotter, SoundThinking’s acoustic gunshot detection system, and gunfire incidents captured in ShotSpotter are automatically sent to and queued up in CaseBuilder so that an investigator can easily open a new case or add to an existing case.

But CaseBuilder’s use cases also extend far beyond gun crime, from internal affairs investigations to organized crime rings, and more. Whatever the agency’s use case, CaseBuilder eases the burden of complex configurations and evolves along with law enforcement’s changing needs.

Other Kaseware Alternatives

Kaseware Alternative # 2: Axon 


Axon equips law enforcement agencies with innovative solutions to enhance safety and transparency. Founded in 1993, Axon offers a comprehensive suite of products and services, including body-worn cameras, evidence management software, and conducted electrical weapons.

Kaseware Alternative # 3: Mark43


Mark43, a provider of public safety software solutions, empowers agencies to streamline operations, improve efficiency, and enhance decision-making. Established in 2010, Mark43 delivers a comprehensive suite of products, including CAD, RMS, mobile applications, analytics, and a cloud-based platform.

Kaseware Alternative # 4: Hexagon


Hexagon’s public safety software solutions focus on improving incident management, records management, investigations, critical infrastructure protection, and more. Hexagon is a self-proclaimed leader in digital reality solutions, combining sensor, software, and autonomous technologies.

Checklist for Assessing Best Kaseware Alternatives

  1. Does the software adhere to CJIS security policies and US Code 28-CFR Part 23 regulations?
  2. Is the platform integrated with a law enforcement data management system?
  3. Does the platform provide organized case management and user-friendly reporting?
  4. Does the software leverage comprehensive and ethical data sourcing?
  5. Does the platform provide customized modules for any use case, making it applicable for investigations ranging from gun crime investigation, racketeering, internal affairs, property crime, and more?


CaseBuilder distinguishes itself as a superior case management alternative, offering law enforcement agencies a comprehensive solution that combines secure and compliant data management with user-friendly integration and reporting. Its commitment to comprehensive and ethical data sourcing, coupled with exceptional adaptability, customization capabilities, and real-time collaboration, makes it a dynamic, future-proof tool for a wide range of investigative scenarios. Proven to enhance investigative efficiency and case clearance rates, CaseBuilder is an optimal choice for agencies seeking to elevate their operational effectiveness while maintaining the highest standards of data security and inter-agency collaboration.

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