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San Pablo Police Department Solves Highway Shootings with the Help of ShotSpotter

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Facing an uptick in highway shootings, the San Pablo Police Department as well as other agencies in the county partnered with nearby cities and the California Highway Patrol to establish the Freeway Safety Network, deploying ShotSpotter and point-and-zoom video cameras on busy freeway hotspots to monitor drive-by gang violence.


The San Pablo Police Department (SPPD) uses SoundThinking’s ShotSpotter gunshot detection system in coordination with 270+ point-and-zoom public safety surveillance cameras around the city and license plate reading technology. One recent success of the integrated technologies was the arrest of a suspect who shot at a woman on I-80 after chasing her through the streets. Using ShotSpotter, PTZs and LPRs, police were able to quickly determine the car the shots were fired from, identify the suspect, and take him into custody.

In another incident, investigators were able to promptly identify the stretch of the I-80 where a man was shot and killed, despite no crime scene and very few witnesses. Within 24 hours of the shooting, the suspects involved were identified and arrested. “ShotSpotter provided the genesis of where our Detectives needed to start our investigation. Through ShotSpotter, we were able to retrace the steps of the victim and suspects using our collaboration of technology assets,” said San Pablo Police Captain Brian Bubar.

Most recently, officers responded to a ShotSpotter alert from within a local park during early morning hours. Subsequently two individuals were arrested in possession of a ghost gun in which they were firing for target practice. With no calls from the public, ShotSpotter was the only tool which guided officers to remove this dangerous weapon from the community.

COP centralized aggregate platform receives gunfire alerts

VMS pan, tilt and zoom cameras in direction of gunfire

LPRs can more quickly search for suspect cars near shooting incident

Drone fly to area above shooting location and provide video support

ShotSpotter alerts are the foundation for a multi-technology response that enables us to have the real-time intelligence to respond and investigate. If you shoot a gun in the city of San Pablo, the odds of us identifying you and finding you are really high.

San Pablo Police
How ShotSpotter Benefits San Pablo Police Department
Crime reduction relies on thorough evidence collection and ShotSpotter’s real-time alerts boost success and follow through to investigations and prosecution.
Timely tactical information about gunshot incidents helps improve law enforcement’s effectiveness at the scene, during evidence collection, and during subsequent investigations.
ShotSpotter response is codified into how police follow up on gunshot incidents, improving investigation outcomes and reassuring communities.

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