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SoundThinking Unveils ShotCast™: Supporting Public Information Officers and News Media with Key Details on Gunfire Incidents

Summary: SoundThinking, Inc. today announced the launch of ShotCast™, a ready-for-broadcast multimedia video file that works in conjunction with ShotSpotter technology. Created for Public Information Officers and news media, ShotCast is designed to provide key details of local gunfire incidents to inform the public, increase awareness about the impact of gun violence, and promote community engagement in public safety.  

Fremont, Calif., September 14 – SoundThinking, Inc. (Nasdaq: SSTI) (formerly ShotSpotter, Inc.), a leading provider of public safety technology solutions, today announced the launch of ShotCast™. Designed for Public Information Officers (PIOs) within law enforcement agencies and local news media, ShotCast is a ready-for-broadcast multimedia file that shows the precise location and audio of gunfire incidents detected by ShotSpotter®, the company’s leading gunshot detection system that is currently deployed in over 150 cities nationwide.

When incorporated into a broader law enforcement agency communication strategy, ShotCast can help inform the public, increase awareness about the impact of gun violence, and promote community engagement in public safety.

ShotCast files include the actual gunfire audio as well as key details (location, time, and more) of the incident, presented in a high-quality multimedia graphic that can be incorporated into various types of news coverage. ShotCast improves upon the gunfire graphics currently in use by news media by providing additional context, detail and mapping that can be easily interpreted by viewers.

ShotCasts are available within ShotSpotter’s InSight application at no charge to existing customers. News media located in areas where ShotSpotter is deployed can request the graphics through their respective local Public Information Officers.

“The newly released ShotCast feature to ShotSpotter demonstrates our continued innovation and commitment to transparency,” said Ralph Clark, President and CEO of SoundThinking. “By sharing gunfire incident details more quickly and accurately, our law enforcement partners can continue to build trust with the communities they serve. An informed public will have increased awareness of the plague of gun violence and we believe that ShotCast will help create more citizen engagement and collaboration in addressing gun violence.”

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