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SoundThinking Unveils New CrimeTracer Updates: Better Investigative Workflow and Information Sharing for Law Enforcement Agencies

Summary: This release includes the new Crime Bulletin feature, allowing agencies to upload BOLO alerts on a nationwide scale in a matter of minutes, plus important integrations with CaseBuilder, SoundThinking’s digital case management solution.

Fremont, Calif., July 25, 2023 – SoundThinking, Inc. (Nasdaq: SSTI) (formerly ShotSpotter), a leading provider of public safety technology solutions, today announced significant updates to CrimeTracer (formerly COPLINK X), the company’s law enforcement search engine. The updates include integrations with SoundThinking’s investigation management tool, CaseBuilder, as well as the introduction of the company’s new Crime Bulletin feature, bringing unprecedented efficiency and seamless information sharing capabilities to law enforcement agencies.

The new Crime Bulletin feature allows authorized agencies to disseminate Be On the Lookout (BOLO) alerts on a nationwide scale efficiently. Authorized users upload BOLOs, which are then indexed and made searchable within CrimeTracer in a matter of minutes. This rapid information sharing is designed to enable increased collaboration among agencies and expedite the response to time-sensitive cases. Users can also stay informed on emerging situations by setting up alerts for new Crime Bulletins.

“We continue to innovate and provide advanced capabilities that enable our customers to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their investigations,” said Paul Bailey, Sr. Director of Product Management at SoundThinking. “In addition to CrimeTracer’s expanding features, we’re thrilled to release our first integration with CaseBuilder, which will provide an easy and seamless workflow to build and manage cases. These two great products work even better together.”

CrimeTracer, the company’s law enforcement search engine, revolutionizes investigative processes with its advanced search capabilities and comprehensive database. The updated version enables investigators to automatically add search results and leads directly into CaseBuilder, eliminating redundant data entry, increasing accuracy and providing a streamlined workflow throughout the investigation process.

CrimeTracer’s existing CompStat reporting feature allows command staff to assess crime trends and implement targeted strategies for improved public safety. By leveraging CompStat reports, law enforcement leaders gain valuable insights into crime types and changes in crime trends week over week, enabling proactive measures to be implemented swiftly.

Existing CrimeTracer users can access these features directly from their current interface. New users interested in leveraging these capabilities should contact SoundThinking for a comprehensive walkthrough and setup.

To learn more about CrimeTracer, CaseBuilder, and the SafetySmart platform, please contact SoundThinking.

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