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Shotspotter Announces Major Upgrade Of Patrol Management Software To Prevent Crime

ShotSpotter Connect adds new analytical tools to help law enforcement better understand impact of directed patrols on crime

FREMONT, Calif., May 3, 2022 — ShotSpotter, Inc. (Nasdaq: SSTI), a leader in precision policing solutions that enable law enforcement to more effectively respond to, investigate and deter crime, today announced the availability of a major upgrade for its patrol management software solution, ShotSpotter Connect™. The upgrade features powerful reporting enhancements, new data visualizations and a more modern interface to provide supervisors and crime analysts key insights into patrol operations so they can better measure and evaluate patrol strategies and the tactics used by officers to deter crime.

ShotSpotter Connect offers law enforcement agencies a more efficient, effective and equitable way to prevent crime and improve community engagement. With Connect, agencies can proactively allocate patrol resources to areas of highest risk for crime for a specific shift and connect key non-enforcement activities that correlate with crime prevention and reduction. With this upgrade, in-office users, such as analysts, command staff and supervisors can now compare crime trends and patrol dosage, generate improved shift and officer reports with summary metrics, and create dosing heatmaps to better analyze and improve the strategies they have in place for crime prevention in a transparent and non-biased fashion.

Connect’s New Dosing Heatmap Shows Where Officers Spent
Directed Patrol Time (Blue) Relative To Assigned Patrol Areas (Red)


“With the rise in crime and challenges to fully staff many police agencies, today’s law enforcement leaders require precision-policing tools to maximize their resource efficiency and produce results,” said Ralph A. Clark, President and CEO of ShotSpotter. “With its enhanced tools for understanding the impact of patrolling on crime, the newly redesigned ShotSpotter Connect is a best-in-class tool for agencies to prevent crime while strengthening community engagement without over policing.”

Some of the new and improved features now available in Connect include:

  • New Crime & Dosage report to compare crime trends with patrol dosage
  • Ability to add custom agency-specific data layers from other sources to the map
  • The addition of heatmaps to quickly view aggregated patrol dosage showing where patrols have occurred over a previous time period
  • Newly designed, more modern interface

ShotSpotter Connect was previously upgraded in late 2020 to enable in-the-field users, such as patrol officers, convenient access through mobile data terminals and smart phone devices. This enhancement provided agencies better information prior to starting a directed patrol and led to higher rates of usage and improved adherence to patrol strategies that deter crime.

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ShotSpotter Inc. (NASDAQ: SSTI) brings the power of digital transformation to law enforcement. We are trusted by more than 200 customers and 2,500 agencies to drive more efficient, effective, and equitable public safety outcomes and help make communities safer and healthier. We are a leader in precision policing technology solutions and our platform includes the flagship product, ShotSpotter Respond™, the leading gunshot detection and alerting system; investigative tools that immediately generate leads and streamline case management to accelerate crime solving and improve clearance rates; and patrol management software that dynamically directs patrol resources to areas of greater risk to more effectively deter crime. ShotSpotter has been designated a Great Place to Work® Company.

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