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8,369,184: Method for constraining 3D location estimates to a specific plane of interest



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Systems and methods are disclosed associated with processing origin/location information of a source or event. In one exemplary implementation, there is provided a method of performing improved three-dimensional source location processing including constraint of location solutions to a two-dimensional plane. Moreover, the method includes obtaining a plane of constraint characterized as a plane in which the source is likely to occur, providing one or more virtual sensing elements each characterized as being located on a first side of the plane of constraint in a mirror image/symmetrical position across from a corresponding actual sensing element on an opposite side of the plane, and constraining possible origin locations to be located in the plane of constraint. Other exemplary implementations may include determining the origin location as a function of positions of the sensing elements and the virtual sensing elements as well as time-of-arrival and/or angle-of-arrival information.

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